Viral video: SUV drives on as road disappears into the sea!

An SUV drives through a flooded road in Iceland which virtually disappears for more than ten seconds as the driver keeps moving ahead unflinchingly.

Watch: SUV drives on as road disappears into the sea in viral video

A video of an SUV driving through an intensively flooded road in Iceland stunned netizens on Twitter this morning.

Shared by one user @knowledgehub, who claims it is a road in Iceland, the viral video has more than 20 thousand views.

In the video, an SUV is seen driving on a lone road covered by water on all sides in a terrifying sight. The drive keeps driving steadily and soon the car leaves all sight of any road above the water. For over ten seconds the car drives on in a sight which looks right out of a sci-fi flick.

Finally, the road emerges in the video on the other end as the driver continues. While it looks a daring drive from a distance, it might be an everyday exercise for vehicle owners in the region.

SUV Viral video

The video left many amazed. One user compared it to Mumbai, noting that this happens in the city every year.

Exact details like the time and year in which the video was shot could not be verified. However, another user noted that the video has been a recurring nightmare for him for many years, which suggests that it is an old video that has resurfaced again.

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