Journey Of Sunder Pichai from IIT Bombay to Google!

Yes, Friends, You Got it Right… Today we are Going To Discuss One Of The Most Amazing, Blazing Personality Of Indian Origin Who has taken the Name of India to All the corners of the world… Yes, He is None other than the Pearl Man of India, SUNDARARAJAN PICHAI(SUNDER PICHAI). 

Journey Of Sunder Pichai from IIT Bombay to Google!

Early Life of Sunder Pichai

He was born in Madras(Chennai) in Tamil Nadu on 10th June 1972. His mother Lakshmi was a Stenographer and Father Raghunath Pichai was Electrical Engineer at GEC(A British Multinational Company). He was grown up in a 2 Room Apartment In Ashok Nagar(Chennai).

He completed his schooling at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya(CBSE) in Ashok Nagar(Chennai). He studied  12th at Vana Vani School, Madras. He was a very clever, sharp-minded student during his school time. After completion of Schooling, he took Admission at IIT Kharagpur in a branch of metallurgical Engineering(B. Tech), Where he earned a Silver medal along with a scholarship to study at Stanford University(1995).

He loved to play cricket and football. Finally, he got tired of the knot with Anjali Pichai, who was a chemical Engineer. Currently, she is working at Indian Chemical Engineering(INTUIT) A Software Firm. The. Couples Are then blessed with 2 children Kavya and Kiran.

Next Step In Carrier

Journey Of Sunder Pichai from IIT Bombay to Google!

He went to United States(US) for Completing M.S From Stanford University in subject of Material Science. Then Afterwards he completed an MBA at Wharton School Of Pennysylvania. Then, just move a small step ahead, he worked for Management Consultancy(McKinsey &Co.) for a short period of time As a Product Manager.

The Big Step

Journey Of Sunder Pichai from IIT Bombay to Google!

He Joined GOOGLE as Product Manager in 2004. His Duty was to manage and Innovate the products of Google like Google  Chrome and Operating System. He Announced his New Video Codec VP8 and new video format WebM by Google. He Marked his Career by working for the Big successful Application of Google like Gmail, Google Maps.

He released Chromebook in 2012, which was one of the Golden Events of his Life. In 2013, He added a new product to the product list of Google i.e ANDROID, AT that time he was a Product Chief under CEO Larry Page. On 10th Aug 2015, he was declared the next CEO OF GOOGLE. He Declared the new firm of google ALPHABET Inc. On 24 Oct. 2015.

The Highlights

Journey Of Sunder Pichai from IIT Bombay to Google!

He has included Times Magazine in the list of 100 most influencing people in 2016 and 2020.
In Aug. 2017, he was publicized for Firing Off a Google Employee, who wrote a 10 Pages Manifesto, criticizing the companies diversity policies and arguing that, “Distribution and Preference and Ability of Men and Women Differ in part due to Biological Causes and these Differences may explain why we don’t see equal representation of Women in Tech. And Leadership”.

He was the chief speaker at WORLD INTERNET CONFERENCE In China(December 2017), where he mentioned all the recent and Upcoming Advancement in The Digital World. He Delivered a Virtual Speech at Singapore FinTech Festival Concentrating on the Topic Of Digital Economy, where he mentioned that, “South Asia’s Economy on the Internet is on the verge of Massive Transformation, Due to the Outbreak of Corona Pandemic, the use of Digital Tools has been accelerated. More than 40 million people in South Asia are connected to the internet for the first time. 

The Politics

Journey Of Sunder Pichai from IIT Bombay to Google!

He Presented Before US JUDICIARY COMMITTEE, on google related issues like Alleged and Potential Bias on Google Platforms. He commented Google Employs cannot influence the search Result. People from US Tech. The world voted willingly for S. Pichai for testifying the concerns about Tech. Industries legal key shield under section 230 of Communications Decency Act of 1934.

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