iOS users can now share tweets directly on Instagram Stories: Check 4 steps guide here!

The tweets on Instagram Stories appears with neatly rounded corners and a pleasant card-like design.

Can You Share Tweets On Instagram? There's Good News

Twitter has enabled a new feature that will let users add any tweet to their Instagram stories. Before this, users always had the option of screenshotting tweets and manually uploading them into their Instagram stories. 

But now, Twitter has updated its iOS app to let anyone quickly and easily share tweets to their Instagram Story. Currently, this new feature is only available for iOS users. Android users have to wait for a little longer. 

To share tweets on Instagram, you just have to follow some simple steps.

1. Select a tweet that you want to share

2. Tap on the share button

3.  Click on Instagram Stories

4. Your story will be shared to your Instagram Stories

Twitter will seek your permission before launching the Instagram app. The tweet on Instagram Stories appears with neatly rounded corners and a pleasant card-like design. 

Jane Manchun Wong, an internet researcher noted, “Once you share a tweet on IG Stories, the card doesn’t really give you an option of opening the tweet on Twitter. This means that if you want to open or interact with that tweet, you’ll still have to open the Twitter app and search your way through.”

Also, this feature only lets users share tweets on Instagram Stories and not create an Instagram post. Therefore, screenshots are still the only way if you want to share them in your profile. Moreover, users with the protected tweets feature enabled, won’t be able to share their tweets on Instagram stories.

This ability to directly sharing tweets was added to Snapchat late last year. The feature to share on Instagram Stories is also similar to Snapchat. However, Snap chatters have the option to place the tweet anywhere on the story in addition to the ability to customize its size


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