McDonald’s x BTS Meal Collaboration Reveals the Best Bands Signature Order!

McDonald’s isn’t hesitating in its quest to collaborate with some of the world’s biggest brands and artists.McDonald’s x BTS Meal Collaboration Reveals the Bands Signature Order Straight off the back of the highly successful Travis Scott meal that sold out as fast as his sneakers, the brand has revealed its greatly anticipated McDonald’s, and the wait is finally over! The menu is now available at participating Australian restaurants. But they’re not ending the fun there.

McDonald’s x BTS Meal Includes:

  • 10-piece Chicken McNuggets
  • Large World-Famous Fries
  • Large soft drink
  • Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces
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The collaboration is also dropping a stylish merch line on the Reverse shop app. Where the head-to-toe collection takes inspiration from some of the delicious, hand-picked menu items from the menu. We’re talking about dynamite threads including hoodies, purple bathrobes, socks, and sandals.

Our personal favourite has to be the McDonald’s fry box logo with seven fries for each BTS, including BTS purple and McDonald’s red and gold. These designs are the perfect representation of an iconic partnership between two fan-favourite brands. And to get it, you must download the Reverse Shop app and create an account to access the merch drop.

“We know our customers and crew have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first celebrity signature order in Australia, and we’re thrilled that the collaboration is finally here,” said Senior Brand Manager Liz Whitbread.

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The McDonald’s x BTS Meal includes 10 Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, medium Coke and Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces inspired by recipes from McDonald’s South Korea.

From somewhere in the cosmic nexus of K-pop and fast food, the BTS Meal is available starting today at McDonald’s restaurants across America (and 10 other countries, but not yet in the band’s native South Korea). However, its lack of the purple BTS-specific packaging found in other countries is disappointing some fans Stateside.

One Twitter user noted Wednesday that the McDonald’s effort “was very misleading not to mention that the US was not going to get the full glory.”

The meal is made of 10 Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, a medium Coke and two dipping sauces new to the U.S.: Sweet Chili and Cajun. The fast-food chain said the flavours are “new limited-time sauces picked by BTS and inspired by McDonald’s South Korea.” 

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For dessert, there’s BTS BTS (“BTS: Behind The Scenes”) content available through the burger behemoth’s app. There’s “an immersive backstage experience,” the BTS x McD Flipbook, the “final backstage 360 experience” and a virtual portrait series, one dropping each week.

The Scott meal had fans so lovin’ it upon its September 2020 release that, according to a memo McDonald’s sent to franchisees, it caused shortages in key ingredients: “We’ve created a program that’s so compelling to our customers that it’s stretching our world-class supply chain; and if demand continues at these levels, more restaurants will break supply,” the memo said.

They interacted with so many of us & many comments about wanting the packaging as keepsakes. It was very misleading not to mention that the US was not going to get the full glory. So sad.”

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Later in the thread, the user wrote, “Let me add also that just adding the sauce, does not make it a BTS meal for me. The packaging was everything.”

McDonald’s is introducing a new commercial for the menu, featuring the band’s new single, “Butter,” on the heels of its chart-topping release last week. You can tune in and watch the ad below. In terms of the release, Australian customers can order the BTS Meal in-restaurant, through contactless mobile order and pay in the McDonald’s App, at the Drive-Thru or via McDelivery until June 22.

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