Facebook and Twitter banned in India from 26 May?

Social media platforms Facebook and Twitter banned in India if they do not comply with the new Intermediary Guidelines.

Facebook and Twitter banned in India from 26 May?

The deadline to complete the new legal rules meant for big social media platforms, which were issued by the government three months ago, is ending on 25 May, threatening the operations of the likes of Facebook Twitter in India.

Facebook and Twitter banned in India :

According to top official sources, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and others, which were required to abide by the rules notified in the Gazette of India on February 25 under Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code Rules, 2021, have failed to comply on many accounts till date.


The government’s rule will come into effect after two days. Earlier this year, on February 25 the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) had given a three-month deadline to all social media and OTT platforms to comply with the new IT Rules 2021. This three-month deadline would come to end on May 25.  

Facebook and Twitter banned in India

The government sources said that these social media companies are coming up with several excuses like seeking more time, up to six months, for furnishing compliance whereas others have claimed that they are waiting for instruction from US headquarters.  

The sad part is that these companies earn profits in India but they await orders from the US for any grievance redressal and Twitter is one such platform that keeps their own fact-checkers which are anonymous to the government. 

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