Artist’s uncanny optical illusion video goes VIRAL, 2021!

The video already has over 9.9 million views and people on the internet are amazed by her uncanny optical illusion talent – WATCH


With Halloween around the corner, the internet is filled with weird, creepy, and scary videos bringing on the spirit of the day. There are numerous videos that will blow your mind with great optics and make-up that will make you think twice if these are real or fake. 

A woman has gone viral for making videos for Halloween with a different touch to it. The artist uses optical illusions to confuse the viewers on social media. Her videos are weird, spooky, and super fun to watch but will also make you think about how does she do it. 

uncanny optical illusion video goes VIRAL

If you look at her videos, you’ll wonder if she uses after-effects and the more you watch it, the more her video will leave you intrigued.

In the video, Emily is seen sitting on a swing and a spoon is stirring her tea automatically without her even touching the spoon. She suddenly realizes that the spoon has been stirring for a long and suddenly decides to stop it. 

After that, she is seen putting on make-up while looking at the mirror but instead of the mirror you can see another version of Emily standing there, almost like her reflection but in different clothes. And finally, in the end, Emily is seen sitting on her bed and reading a book, and just by the movement of her hand, she lits the candles that are kept at her bedside. 

Emily shared this on her Instagram and captioned it, “Must be the season of the witch.” The video already has over 9.9 million views and people on the internet are amazed by her talent. 

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