Windows 11 live event: Everything Microsoft announced

windows 11 live event, One of the most used software components in the world is about to be upgraded. Microsoft is announcing a new version of its Windows software on Thursday, with a reported new look as well as upgrades under the hood. The new update that is believed to be called Windows 11, comes six years after the last iteration, Windows 10, was first released.

Windows 11 live event:

Windows 11 live event: Everything Microsoft announced

Windows 11 is being offered free to download for Windows 10 users this vacation

[12:03 a.m. PT]

Windows 11 may be a big update to Microsoft-based computers, but the company says it still will a free update for existing users if it arrives this holiday season.

Additionally, Microsoft said companies will start selling “Windows 11 Ready PCs” before launch.

Teams takes over Apple’s FaceTime

[11:47 a.m. PT]

One of the biggest complaints about Apple’s FaceTime software is that it only runs on Apple devices. And although Apple announced this fall, Apple will Users can invite Android and Windows people to FaceTime calls, it’s not that they have full access to the app.

Well, Microsoft believes its answer will be with its Teams software. The first option is to integrate Teams into the Windows 11 system tray – so essentially, you no longer have to install Teams separately. Since Teams are already available on Apple and Android devices, this goes a long way in helping teams become more competitive.

Windows 11 live event: Everything Microsoft announced

Microsoft makes your computer more like an Xbox

[11:38 a.m. PT]

One of the latest mantras from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is that Microsoft is “all in” with gaming. With Windows 11, Microsoft is adding features like Auto HDR that use computer intelligence to improve the graphics in a video game. “The difference is overwhelming,” said Sarah Bond, Xbox Ecosystem Manager during the event.

Starts soon

[10:53 a.m. PT]

The big Microsoft event is just around the corner. In the meantime, one can be happy that someone has apparently found a reference to the name Windows 11 is one of Microsoft’s codebases in the Github service it operates, according to Bleeping Computer. So there you have it. But honestly, with all the speculation about the name and all the clues about if Microsoft isn’t calling this Windows 11, most people will likely think the past few weeks have been an elaborate prank by the company’s marketing team.

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