When is Windows 11 coming how fast is it, and how can I get it?

Microsoft is having a press event on June 24, and it’s not for a new Surface device that’s hitting retail stores anytime soon. On the contrary, Microsoft plans to give its Windows operating system “one of the most important updates to Windows of the last decade”. At the Microsoft Build developer conference, CEO Satya Nadella said the company will announce the next version of Windows. With the news of a Windows 11 leak making headlines in the tech world this week, suffice it to say that Microsoft is poised to do something big with the next generation of Windows.

Here’s what we know about Windows 11 (or whatever name the company likes to call it), its potential release date, new features, and leaks.

When will Microsoft officially announce Windows 11?

Microsoft is organizing a dedicated Windows event on June 24, next Thursday. The event, which will begin at 8:00 a.m. PT (or approximately 8:30 p.m. IST), will be broadcast live to millions of users around the world. You can log into Microsoft’s YouTube channel and watch the event live. The Windows event will bring together CEO Satya Nadella and Panos Panay, Microsoft’s chief product officer.

When is Windows 11 coming how fast is it, and how can I get it?

When will Windows 11 be released?

We do not yet know the release date of Windows 11. It was previously said that Microsoft is targeting the second half of the year as the launch date for Windows 11. Another media report claims that the next Windows 11 coming how fast is it will be released to the public. towards the end of the year. Look, even if the Redmond base unveils Windows 11 next week, the operating system would be ready for the general public. Typically, any new operating system or software update is first tested by Windows Insiders (as in the case of a new Windows update) before being released to PC manufacturers and the public.

Is Windows 11 a renamed version of Windows 10X?

When is Windows 11 coming how fast is it, and how can I get it?

Sun Valley is the code name for the visual changes to Windows, although it is not clear whether Microsoft will deploy these features through Windows 11. Last month Microsoft announced that it would not be continuing development on Windows 10X, a brand new operating system designed for dual-screen PCs that it announced in fall 2019. Instead, Microsoft said it would integrate some elements of Windows 10X into “other parts of Windows. and the company’s products “.

Will Windows 11 be a free update?

Microsoft has to wait for pricing for Windows 11. It’s possible that Windows 11 will be a free “upgrade” for Windows 10 users, or that Microsoft will make the upgrade to next-gen Windows optional for Windows 11 users. Windows 10 users. At the moment, it seems unlikely that the next version of Windows will be a small update. Microsoft has officially announced that it will end support for Windows 10 in 2025.

Microsoft kind of confirmed the next version of Windows when an unfinished version of what is supposed to be Windows 11 leaked online. While we’re still waiting for Microsoft to announce the next generation of Windows, the “Windows 11” preview brings a redesigned Start menu, action center, file explorer, and taskbar, as well as a modern look and feel. new features.

When is Windows 11 coming how fast is it, and how can I get it?

windows 11 coming its start menu has been reduced a bit. It’s now centered (including the taskbar icons) and aesthetically resembles Windows 10X, now canceled. There are no more classic Live Tiles, but there are still apps that can be pinned. It also includes a new startup sound and a new “Widgets”. But under the hood, Windows 11 shares the same DNA as Windows 10 and Windows 8. For now, however, it should be noted that all features under the leaked version of Windows 11 are part of an early version of the. upcoming operating system.

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