6 Easy steps to spot fake apps on Android, iOS!

Fake apps can steal sensitive data from your mobile, create a nuisance, slow down the performance of your smartphone.

How to spot fake apps on the Google Play Store | NextPit

From private messaging apps to mailing apps to video calling apps to games, shopping apps, workout apps, there are a plethora of apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

With so many apps come the problem of fake or malicious apps that can steal sensitive data from your mobile. Although Apple’s app ecosystem is considered to be safe because of stringent ‘developers’ verification process,’ it still contains fake apps.

Both Google and Apple App store keep revising their security policies to identify fake apps, yet there are times when imposter apps still make their way to the app store. These apps create a nuisance, slow down the performance of the smartphone, and can even install malicious software designed by hackers to steal all personal information stored in your mobile.

Scammers could also benefit from unsuspecting customers entering credit card information in these bogus apps.

To save yourself from falling victim to such malicious attacks, you can follow a few simple tips that can help you identify fake apps on iOS and Android platforms.

How to identify fake apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

1. Check to see who published the app. Be careful as scammers will use similar names.

2. Check the reviews in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play store. A real app will likely have thousands of (hopefully positive) reviews, while a fake one will likely have zero.

3. Look at the publish date. A fake app will have a recent publish date, while the real one will have an “updated on” date.

4. Check for spelling mistakes in the title or description. Many of these apps come out of China. Take extra caution if it looks like English isn’t the developers’ first language.

5. Beware of apps that promise shopping discounts.

6. When in doubt, visit a store’s website in your browser and look for an icon or button that reads “Get our app.” This will take you to the App Store or Google Play store where you can download the correct app.

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