Heineken’s New Robot Esky, high on demand!

Through the magic of AI technology, Heineken has created a beer esky that follows you around on wheels.

If this is what they mean by “the robots are taking over”, then we’re in full support! This little green machine will stroll by your side like a loyal hound and ensure there’s a can of cold beer in reach with every step you take.

Meet your new best friend, the Beer Outdoor Transporter (B.O.T), an autonomous beer robot that uses motion sensors to follow its owner. Due to its intelligent AI brain, you can summon your pale ale pal with nothing more than a snap of your fingers.

Heineken B.O.T.

The B.O.T. cooler can hold a dozen beers, and the wheel design indicates it can handle most terrain. A promotional video for the B.OT. pictures it rolling on the grass, the footpath, and even poolside, highlighting the device instinctively knows it wasn’t built for swimming. As WALL-E’s cooler brother, the B.O.T. even comes with its own voice, asking important questions like, “Are you thirsty?” … Yes, yes we are.

Those sick of having to painfully trudge back and forth to a cooler for refreshments can enter to win a Heineken B.O.T., exclusively on its website on Thursday, July 1. Unfortunately for Aussies, this promotion is currently only available in the US, but keep a lookout during our Summer.

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