The Ridiculous Cybershoes for Quest are Now Available on Amazon!

In 1966, Nancy Sinatra sang about her boots being made for walking. Today, Oculus is singing about shoes made just for virtual reality. Cybershoes are made for the Oculus Quest and instead of using teleportation, these shoes use foot-based motions to simulate walking.

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Cybershoes successfully launched a Kickstarter fundraiser last year. This year they’re expanding into Quest’s universe, making their shoes available through Amazon US. Getting around in virtual reality using Cybershoes is different from other locomotion methods.

There’s no stick-based movement, nor will you be standing up and sliding your feet or using a VR treadmill. With Cybershoes, you remain seated and move your feet to simulate walking or running. The idea is that this approach will help prevent motion sickness.

Cybershoes enable VR users to physically walk, run, and jump for $400 |  VentureBeat

These are slip-on devices that go over your shoes. The new version is wireless and works with Oculus Quest, Quest 2, and SteamVR headsets. The package costs USD$349 and includes the Cyber shoe (with batteries), a Cyberchair (a swivel-style stool with a low backrest), a 60-inch round carpet, a wireless receiver, an AC adapter, and the cables. T

here is a growing library of games but only a handful of native Quests titles are currently supported, including Journey of the Gods, The Wizards Dark Times, VRChat, In Death Unchained, Arizona Sunshine, and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners. The shoes also work on over 60 VR titles for the PC.

Cybershoes are Now Available on Amazon!

Cybershoes for Oculus Quest Now Available on Amazon US – Road to VR

“Launching on Amazon is huge for us because it allows easier access to Cybershoes for Quest gamers who might have been on the fence for our crowdfunding campaigns,” says Cybershoes’ CEO Michael Bieglmayer in a press release. “Not to mention that fans will have a variety of fantastic games to choose from as soon as our box shows up on their doorstep! We can’t wait for a whole new audience of VR gamers to experience what they are all about.”

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