Best Leica 60MP M11 Rangefinder Revealed!

There aren’t many cameras that boast a legacy quite like the Leica M-series. For decades, the brand has tweaked the flagship rangefinder release with subtle improvements, elevating the much-loved camera to near untouchable status. But a new year brings new ideas and for 2022, Leica is going out of the box, on the inside, at least. The much-anticipated Leica M11 has finally been unveiled, continuing the brand’s march into the future.

Lecia m11

Leica 60MP M11

“As we all know, the iconic Leica M-System has accompanied dedicated photographers worldwide over decades, giving them a superior tool for witnessing their time and creating outstanding pictures,” Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar said. “The new M11 will continue this legacy with outstanding technology, based on the experience since 1925.”

Building on the improvements implemented in the M10, the M11 upgrades a few key components that will provide an even better quality of photography experiences. For starters, the M11 features a new 60-megapixel backside-illuminated full-frame CMOS sensor. This new sensor has 14 stops of dynamic range and is also capable of capturing RAW files at either 18 megapixels or 36. The ability to capture RAW files also unlocks another dynamic stop plus improves low light performance and lets you capture longer burst shooting—which is nice as the M11 doesn’t capture video.

Leica m11 back

The new sensor isn’t the only improvement though. The M11 also sports a new ultra-thin UV filter that helps the sensor reproduce more natural colors. Additionally, the M11 comes with a faster processor and it has the ability to use multi-field metering.

Those improvements all happen internally, so if you’re concerned about the appearance of the camera, don’t. The M11 is slightly smaller than the M10, by a matter of just a few millimeters. In terms of weight, the M10 and the M11 are virtually the same, weighing about 1.4 pounds. You can pick up the black edition, which employs anodized aluminum to make it 1.2 pounds.

The biggest difference you’ll see on the exterior is the lack of Leica’s signature bottom plate. The M11 also uses the cartridge-style battery from the Q2, which is 64 percent larger than the M10, giving you another 700 shots using the live view or 1,700 shots with the rangefinder. The M11 provides a USB-C port for data transfer and charging, and the camera comes with 64GB of storage.

Leica m11 top

“The Leica M has long been our flagship system, dating back to the first M camera released in 1954, and we are thrilled to introduce the new M11 which sets a new benchmark in digital photography,” Ryan Williams, managing director, Leica Camera Australia said. “The M11 takes a significant leap forward technically, and will appeal to both professional and enthusiast photographers who are passionate about capturing moments and memories with outstanding detail and color precision.”

Leica’s continued improvements to its cameras show its dedication to its customer and fan base—a reason why they have such a loyal following. You can add the Leica M11 Body (available in Silver and Black) for AUD$13,500 inc. GST.

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