The All-New Atari VCS Hybrid Platform: 2021

It’s been a bit over three years since that announcement, but the company is finally delivering on that promise, debuting the Atari VCS.

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The Atari VCS borrows its looks from the original platform, sporting one of three looks: a classic wood grain walnut front, a black front, and a carbon gold finish. The box is sleek and slim and has a proper balance of retro and current styling to it. But you aren’t just buying a good-looking box with the Atari VCS. The platform is a hybrid system that not only lets you play more than 100 home and arcade classic Atari games but also functions as a PC.

“Users can tap into a wide variety of traditional PC functionalities, from office work to email, to online shopping to PC gaming and much more,” says Michael Artz, the COO for Atari VCS. “There has been a lot of interest in the VCS as a PC, in part because it provides so much incremental value compared to other mini-PCs in our price range.”

Atari VCS

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The VCS comes with an AMD Ryzen processor with Radeon graphics tech. the platform provides several ports on the back, including an HDMI output as well as four 3.1 USB ports and an Ethernet cable port. If those qualities aren’t to your suiting, the VCS is readily customizable and you can easily upgrade the hardware to create your own system. The Atari VCS also comes with two controllers, one of which is a replica of the Atari paddle. This controller features a single button and a directional joystick. The other controller is much more modern with four buttons, a d-pad, and two thumbsticks.

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Atari is offering an “all-in” system bundle that comes with the controllers for $399.99, or you can pick up the base-level model for $299.99. The Atari VCS is available through Gamestop, Best Buy, Micro Center, and Atari’s official VCS website.

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