What Makes A Great Outfits On A Very Basic Level?

Any given day of the week we are dressing up, yes?

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Right from Mondays, to make a staunch appearance at the 10 am meetings till Saturdays when we have to turn up at that new pub in town to dance the night away. With the ease to buy anything and everything at the click of a button and oodles of inspiration online, thanks to your neighborhood Instagram Influencer, looking good has become a presumption of sorts.

Now, to assemble a great outfit one must unravel what a great ensemble comprises of. Here are 5 keys on a basic level (as promised) that can equip you for Sunday brunches in the park to Friday date nights, seamlessly.

1. Comfort:

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If you are going to be upon your feet or moving about a lot, let’s say, at work, your great outfit demands that you pay attention to great comfort. Whether it’s a pair of heels harping on your toes or a pair of pants that are achingly tight at the waist, no matter how gorgeous, these need to be skipped if you intend on owning your day. The common quote saying “If it’s not uncomfortable, then it’s not fashionable.” is long gone, and now are the times to dress in what works for you and what gets the work done.

2. Fit:

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Now, fit and comfort are almost cousins when spoken about. A proper fit ensures that you have the ease to move about and also aren’t drowning in that t-shirt dress. Choose items that hug the contours of your figure effortlessly and walk the fine line between too tight and too baggy. There is truly no greater joy than admiring a woman who is aptly dressed for her frame, even if it means sizing up or down. Most of the sizing labels in stores are inaccurate and vary from one brand to another. So, if you usually wear a Medium but figure that a Large is fitting you much better then go for it.

3. Color:

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This aspect was actually not going to make it to the list, however, when I posted a picture on my Instagram asking what people thought makes a great outfit, a follower quipped saying “favorite colors”! What a wonderful point, indeed. There are certain hues that look like a vision on you and clothing pieces in those exact ones take a basic cut outfit to a whole new level. Figure out what colors and hues work for your skin tone and stock up on them.

4. Accessories:

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Shoes, bags, jewelry, even makeup makes such an impact when the talks are about a great outfit. A basic look can be elevated to so many notches by just pairing the right set of earrings or a chic pair of heels. However, caution should be taken that team them all in small measures and not all at once, unless Maximalism is your vibe. If it’s a va-va-voom dress then some dainty jewelry is the best choice, while if it’s a classic duo of plain tee and jeans then rock it out with a pair of killer boots. Accessories can take you a long way if you’re willing to make an effort.

5. Personality:

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Now we’re talking! While the above four points are vital, what is of utmost importance is that you bring YOU into every outfit adorned. This means, don’t forget to add little details of your personality onto the ensembles. A printed scarf at your neck or stack of rings on your fingers, maybe an I-Love-Pandas brooch on your denim jacket, or even a bright pop of eyeshadow on the lids, are all examples of steering away from a good outfit territory and entering a great one!

The last thought that needs to be added here before you take the streets by storm is that no matter what you wear or don’t, one thing you should be rocking like a badge of honor is, Confidence!

Because, in all honesty, nobody told a confident girl that she was doing fashion all wrong. They just watched her walk past and took notes.

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