Qudi Reveals ‘Emotional’ LED Mask at CES 2022!

The Qudi Mask is embracing the mask life with a mask that lets you express your emotions through LEDs. As much as we all hate them, it seems that the odds of masks remaining a part of our lives are only increasing. So, if that’s the case, then you might as well make the most of it.

Quidi mask smiley

Qudi ‘Emotional’ LED Mask!

Qudi Mask unveiled their LED-imbued mask at CES 2022, and people were lining up to see how it works. Basically, the mask has LED lights built into it that can be programmed to react to head movements and speech.

Nod you head, and the mask will light up with a big “YES;” shake your head no, and you’ll get a red “NO.” Qudi Mask can do even more than that, though. Built with translucent eye goggles and a bottom half with 199 smart LED pixels, the mask can actually match your speech with a digital mouth.

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You can also program in six built-in emotions, including smile, love, shocked, confused, and angry. Yes, there are six and only five have been listed, but what emotion is “cat”? Aloof maybe? Whatever it is, cat is one of the options. And for those of you attending parties and raves, the Qudi Mask can be set to equalizer mode and it will react to the music being played.

You can set the mask to demo mode and it will rotate between the built-in animations, or you can manually change the mask using the button under the logo. Plus, there’s a Qudi app that makes it even easier to change modes and program in any text you want to have glide across the mask.

Quidi mask with child

With a full charge, the mask will last at least three hours, and a recharge takes about 1.5 hours using a standard phone charger. The mask just a bit over half a pound, so it’s light, but will start to feel heavy over time. It’s also not waterproof, so be careful around drink-sloshing friends. You can purchase the mask in either black or white, and it will cost you $289.

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