Viral: NASA discovers 301 Exoplanets beyond our solar system!

NASA used an AI system called ExoMiner to discover a whopping 301 new planets that lie beyond our solar system.

Major breakthrough: NASA discovers 301 new planets beyond our solar system through AI network ExoMiner

NASA discovers 301 new planets beyond our solar system through AI network ExoMiner

Imagining a world beyond our own always carries a wide array of wonder and creative imagery, but through this new discovery of NASA, we are one step closer to actually knowing what lies beyond our planet and our own solar system.

For the very first time, scientists have discovered a whole new string of planets outside of our solar system. In the latest discovery, a whopping 301 new planets were discovered orbiting around their stars outside our solar system, giving scientists a new hope to find life beyond Earth.

This deep space exploration is done by the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA), which further leads to the enhancement of our capabilities to late new worlds. The new 301 exoplanets discovered add to the already detected 4,569 exoplanets discovered in far-off distances from the Earth.

The discovery of these new planets was made by a new deep neural network called ExoMiner, a machine learning system that uses NASA’s Pleiades supercomputer. This AI system of NASA can differentiate between real exoplanets and imposters.

Jon Jenkins, an exoplanet scientist from NASA, said, “Unlike other exoplanet-detecting machine learning programs, ExoMiner isn’t a black box. There is no mystery as to why it decides something is a planet or not. We can easily explain which features in the data lead ExoMiner to reject or confirm a planet.”

Though the discovery of new planets is a major breakthrough towards exploring deep space, NASA has said that all these new exoplanets are in no way Earth-like. The new planets are outside of the habitual zones of their parent stars but have similar characteristics to all the other exoplanets in our neighborhood.

Even though there is no proof of life or habitual conditions on these new planets yet, scientists who led the research have said that this discovery is a major milestone in understanding the solar systems and planets beyond our own, and how they compare to our environment.

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