4 Ways how Coding Affects Thinking & boost your Brain!

Coding skills are becoming more and more important by the day and it is used not just in the field of computers but in many other industries as well. . Here are some ways how Coding Affects Thinking & boost your brain… yep coding can make you smarter.

1.Coding Improves our Habits

4 Ways how Coding Affects Thinking & boost your Brain!

Our coding and programming skills are thinking habits that come from what is called “computational thinking.” Wikipedia defines the concept of computational thinking as “a set of problem-solving methods that involve expressing problems and their solutions in ways that a computer could execute.”

Computational thinking is applicable and useful in everyday life. It applies to any profession far from IT technologies. The habit of studying and practising coding and programming helps us to find new approaches and solutions, no matter what is discussed. More than programming new source codes, we continuously and regularly review source code, whether it is a code self-written or a source code that another coder wrote. This habit of review helps our thinking to apply and better execute new simple codes. Yes, as programmers we have the habit of spending more time debugging, fixing, and refactoring code than writing new code from scratch.

this habit of analysis and improving other’s codes improves our debugging skills and disciplines us in the habit of reviewing our code in blocks and not at the end of 500 lines of code

2.Coding Boosts our Brain

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When we decide to learn new programming languages or improve our coding skills, our brain changes and adapts to new challenges. It gets to work rewiring itself so that it can meet those challenges while expending less effort.

Practice puts our brain to exercise. It helps us improve our brain function. Practice and learning keep our brain young. It is proven that mentally challenging activities never done by us before could sharpen our brain. When we learn and practice coding/programming skills, our brains are forming new neural connections, while strengthening

3.Coding encourages creative thinking 

4 Ways how Coding Affects Thinking & boost your Brain!

Coding doesn’t just require a proficiency in math and logic, it also takes a creative mindset. Some of the most brilliant minds in technology innovation were very creative. Steve Jobs believed that creativity played a large role in developing some of the most innovative technology the world has ever seen.

Jobs understood the importance of coding and programming, once stating “Everyone should know how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” Intelligence isn’t defined simply as being able to retain information. Creativity is a trait of highly intelligent people, and the ability to think outside of the box when it comes to problem-solving is a much-needed skill when it comes to coding. Fortunately, the more you code the more your imagination and creativity will grow.

4.Improve your memory 

4 Ways how Coding Affects Thinking & boost your Brain!

When you first begin learning to code, it’ll seem like a lot of information coming at you all at once. This is normal, and with practice, you’ll begin to remember each step of the coding process. Memorizing these steps will give your brain a great workout, and like with any workout, the brain will grow stronger. It’s widely known that as we age our ability to remember things declines, but luckily engaging in cognitive intensive skills such as coding can help fight back against memory loss.

While learning to code, you’ve probably realized how complex and intricate coding can be. Coding takes patience and a lot of brainpower to successfully write code. With all the work your brain is doing while coding, have you ever wondered how coding is benefiting your brain? A technical skill like coding is bound to improve your cognitive abilities.

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