4 Fitness Hacks You Can Do From Home!

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Wasn’t getting fitter one of your resolutions this year? Didn’t you plan to check out fitness hacks this year too?

But of course, who has the time, motivation, and energy to actually fulfill that resolution! Trust me; most of us go through the same. I mean, even I decided to get fitter and contribute a certain period of time towards fitness every single day. And I actually did. For three days. Guilty, yeah. But then when I talked to some of my friends about it, I realized all of us go through the same.

There is absolutely no denying the fact that we all are busy in our own ways. And when we are free, we don’t have the energy to work out. Our lives have become so hectic today that whenever we get some free time, all we want to do is lie in bed and watch a movie. Yes, there are people who are extremely dedicated to maintaining their fitness, and kudos to them for that. But I am sure that there are many others who are just like me; lazy!

Now since it is not possible for most of us to go to the gym every day or for a jog, there must be something we can do right from our homes. There must be something that awakens the fitness freak in us! We all know that physical movement is required by the body and thus, finding something that we can do right from our homes that would contribute towards our fitness goals sounds great! Given below are some fitness hacks that can be done right from your home and do not require any extra efforts; they just require a little bit of motivation and an effort to change your habitual lifestyle. We are sure you are willing to do at least that much for your fitness, right? So, go ahead and check out these hacks and try implementing them in your day-to-day life!

Fitness Hacks You Can Do From Home                        

1) Maximize Movement in Your Routine

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Most of our lives today are in front of a laptop or phone screen. We literally strain our eyes and body from 9 to 5. The maximum movement that we do during this period is washroom breaks. This makes our entire body stiff and leads to inflexibility. You can use some creative ways to take a break from your stationary position, without wasting a single minute from your work. For example, whenever you get a call or make a call, get up from your chair and walk around the room. Or if you are working from home, like most of us are today, you could use a yoga ball to sit on instead of using a chair. You could also keep your laptop on a counter for some time and work in a standing position.

2) Workout Spot

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Scientifically speaking, being in a place that is solely meant for working out increases our motivation to work out. You cannot imagine working out in a restaurant because that is not what the place is meant for. In a similar way, entering a gym automatically makes us feel like working out because our brain functions in a certain way which tells us that the place is just meant for working out.

If you are too busy to go to the gym, or aren’t able to go because of the pandemic, what you can do is dedicate a certain spot in your room or home that will solely be for the purpose of working out. Yes, we agree that all of our homes are not big enough to be able to fit in huge gym equipment, but all we’re saying is to dedicate a certain area that is fixed for just working out. Take any random corner of your house and just decide to make it your exercise or workout spot.

3) No Distractions

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Working out from home can be extremely distractive. Again, you are not in a place that is meant for working out, and your brain knows that you could just slip onto your bed and relax. But if you have gathered enough motivation to actually get up and get ready to work out, then you must make sure that there are no other distractions coming your way to ruin your plans. For one, you can keep your phone on silent or simply keep it in a different room, so that you don’t keep checking it. To avoid noise distractions, you could prepare a workout playlist beforehand and play it at the time of workout so that you stay focused and energized.

4) Proper Scheduling

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If you decide to contribute 30 minutes of your day to working out, you must know that you need not work out for 30 minutes at a go. You can divide this time period into smaller parts so that you can properly schedule your workout timings between works. This makes sure that you get your desired time period of workout in a day, but also does not tire you out!

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