Elon Musk Sold His Mansions For $67,000 Tiny House!

When your plan is to live on Mars, there is little point in owning a home on Earth, according to Elon Musk.

The billionaire, who has an estimated net worth exceeding AUD$216 billion, has decided to sell his properties and downsize into a prefabricated Boxabl Casita tiny house valued at just AUD$67,000. Located near the new SpaceX headquarters in Boca Chica, Texas, Musk has made moves to rid himself of material possessions and focus his energy on space exploration.

Boxabl House

“My primary home is literally a ~$50K house in Boca Chica / Starbase that I rent from SpaceX,” the tech-entrepreneur revealed last month on Twitter. “It’s kinda awesome though… The only house I own is the events house in the Bay Area. If I sold it, the house would see less use, unless bought by a big family, which might happen someday,” Musk said.

However, as we have previously touched on, his remaining San Francisco pad is estimated to be worth a staggering AUD$50 million. So if you do the math, Musk still holds a portfolio size of around AUD$50.67 million – chump change for a billionaire… Additionally, the now minimalist billionaire pocketed a cheeky AUD$135 million following the sale of his other property assets.

Elon’s new residence, The Boxabl Casita, is a transportable 20 x 20 unit, approximately 400 square feet in size. Presenting as a modern-yet-no-frills studio apartment, it features a cozy bedroom area, living room, fully equipped kitchen, and bathroom.

In the video above, Co-Founder of Boxabl Galiano Tirarmani lays out his company’s vision to revolutionize the future of housing. “The goal of the company is to mass-produce housing on a scale and at a cost that’s never been done before,” says Tiramani, “We want to make housing dramatically more affordable for the world.”

While focusing initially on smaller homes, Tirarmani claims his technology will be used for larger-scale projects moving forward. “We are eventually going to role out bigger row modules with different interior configurations that all stack and connect to build any building you can imagine”. If Elon is still on the planet, it looks like his humble Boxabl home could receive an upgrade down the track.

Inside pics of Tiny House, Elon Musk Sold His Mansions For

Boxabl House
Boxabl House
Boxabl House

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