New BOSS x Russell Athletic Launches, 2021!

Look no further than the second installment of the BOSS x Russell Athletic collection to see this phenomenon take place.

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BOSS x Russell

When combining the best of both those worlds you end up with a Phygital product. Something that exists in the real world as well as the digital world.

Phygital is taking the fashion industry by storm. Blending the real and digital together with collections of wearable items and matching NFT artwork sure looks to be the future. The promise of owning a scarce product has driven fashion to the outer limits of exploration and NFT artwork replicates the scarcity model introduced by the biggest names in fashion and sneakers to give those who live in the digital world the chance to carve their own lane and make huge profits doing so.

The second installment in the collection sees BOSS continue to target a younger demographic. We head to Milan and the Kennedy Sports Centre where a crowd full of Tiktokers took part in a Phygital experience. In the physical form, a baseball-themed collection was debuted with 60 looks from the new collection featuring Gigi Hadid, Irina Shayk, Joan Smalls, Cindy Bruna, Alpha Dia, Alton Mason, Adut Akech, and German athlete Alica Schmidt. But it was the digital where the collection truly made a name for itself.

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Khaby Lame closed the show, the TikTok famous creator – who boasts 113 million followers on the app – was amongst 200 Tiktokers in the crowd of 1300 people. A strong statement that directs this ongoing collaboration at a younger audience, encouraging zoomers to explore the casual collection in its entirety both online and through the physical stores themselves.

Phygital products included five individual Boss x Russell Athletic NFT collegiate jackets that were available on TikTok.  Each can be won via the accompanying hashtag where fans were encouraged to participate in a challenge, and show off their #BossMoves for a chance to receive one of the super limited NFT’s. The challenge was a massive success and the #BossMoves hashtag has over 1.5 billion views on TikTok.

The latest BOSS x Russell Athletic collection can be viewed on the BOSS website linked below. However, if you want to take things one step further, why not head on over to their Instagram page and explore the new shopping mechanic.

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