8 Ways to wear Saree in a different Style!

These tips to learn how to wear saree in different styles will turn out to be great in making you the center of beauty.

Saree is an Indian grab that is worn on different occasions to adorn your beauty. The saree is worn in almost all the states of our country and the way of wearing a saree is different in every state. With a little twist and turn in your saree draping style, your fashion game will raise high. So, go through the whole article to learn how to saree in different styles on different occasions.

1: Bollywood Style:

If you want to wear a Bollywood style saree then do not keep the saree pleats too wide. You can also look stylish on thin plates and this will highlight your figure

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How to wear Bollywood Style Saree:

  • First of all, tuck one side of the Saree on the right side.
  • Then bring Pallu towards the front.
  • Place the pallu on the left shoulder.
  • Make Pleats after this.
  • Finally, pin up the pallu to the left shoulder.

2: Gujrati Style: 

Gujarati-style saree is carried mostly when we go to play Garba in Navratri or if you want to dance uncontrollably in a friend’s function, then wearing a Gujrati saree in lehenga style is the best choice, that can help you to dance without any fear and will also look different and beautiful.

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How to wear Gujrati Saree:

  • To wear a lehenga Saree, first of all, tuck one side of the Saree on the right side.
  • Then make the saree pleats around the waist, so that the Saree looks like a lehenga.
  • Now make the pallu pleats and pin up the pallu to the left.
  • You can change the look of the Saree by draping the pallu in different ways in the lehenga Saree.

3: Bengali Style:

Draping saree in a Bengali style can get you a festive look in just a minute. One advantage of wearing a Bengali saree is that you do not have to work hard to handle or carry it.

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How to wear Bengali Saree :

  • To wear a Bengali saree, firstly tuck one side of the saree on the right side.
  • Then make large plates and set them well.
  • Now make the pallu pleats and pin up the pallu to the left shoulder.
  • Then bring the pallu corner forward and pinup it to the right shoulder.
  • You can wear a Bengali saree in many ways, like leaving the pallu on the right shoulder instead of pin-up it.
  • You can wear a Bengali saree in many ways, like leaving the pallu on the right shoulder instead of pin-up it.

4: Front Pallu Saree Style:

Draping front pallu means straight pallu Saree has once again come in fashion. These days many celebrities are wearing front pallu Saree in party function.

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How to wear Front Pallu Style Saree:

  • You can experiment with a front pallu saree in a modern style by not wearing it in a typical style, such as leaving the pallu in the waist instead of pinup or wear a belt from above, pinup one side, and pinup the other end of the pallu to the other shoulder.
  • You can make it more stylish by wearing a designer blouse with a front pallu saree.

5: Frill Saree Style:

Nowadays frill Saree is also in fashion. You can also wear a frill sari to look special in every function.

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How to wear Frill Saree:

  • You can wear frill Saree in different styles, such as Mumtaz Style, Belt Style, etc.
  • You can wear frill Saree in different styles, such as Mumtaz Style, Belt Style, etc.
  • If you are slim-trim, then you can feel free to wear a large frill Saree.

6: Belt Saree Style:

Nowadays wearing a belt Saree is touching heights. Any figure can wear a belt saree easily to get a hot chic look. Even an ordinary saree will be paired up with a belt then very easily.

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How to wear a Belt Saree:

  • Make small pleats of Pallu to wear a belt saree so that your slim waist is highlighted.
  • While wearing the belt, keep in mind that the thin-looking belt looks good with Saree, so always wear a skinny belt with the saree.
  • One advantage of wearing a belt with a Saree is that it sets your Saree perfectly and you do not have to handle the Saree all the time that turns out irritating sometimes.
  • Many Bollywood actresses also wear belt-style Saree nowadays.
  • To give a festive look to your belt saree, you can also wear a girdle instead of a belt.

7: Pre- Stitched /Concept Saree Style:

Concept Saree/Pre-Stitched Saree Style are also in fashion this year. Pre-stitched saris are both easy to wear and easy to carry. Therefore, teenagers mostly prefer to wear pre-stitched Saree.

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How to wear Concept Sarees / Pre-Stitched Saree:

  • Pre-stitched Saree have many options like gown saree, dhoti saree, cape saree, one shoulder, off-shoulder, you can select any of these options and within a minute you will get the fantastic style, that nobody can stop you to flaunt stylishly.

8: Kerala Saree Style:

It is a type of saree that is born in Kerala. The style is also known as MunduNeriyathum. It looks alluring, pure, and elegant when someone carries it. The style is divided into two sections- Neriyathum style that is the upper drape and Mundu that is the lower game. If anybody wants to try this amazing style then they must go to a white saree embellished with a golden border.

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We hope that these different saree styles will be helpful for you. Now, next time drop ordinary saree wearing and go with these so many amazing glamorous styles to make you stand away from the crowd.

If you have any queries related to how to wear a saree in a different style you can leave your comment below.

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