Top 7 Summer Eye Looks That Are Hotter Than the Sun!

Let’s be honest: We’ve had our summer checklist ready since the start of the year. You’ve got to have a good playlist, delicious appetizers, and, of course, a poolside-appropriate wardrobe. But to really seal the deal on the whole summer package (and have heads turn at the next cookout), add a fun look on your lids. See we spent all year perfecting our cat-eye and experimenting with bold colors, so why not take our newfound skill to the real world? From neon shadows to bright liners, here are the 7 summer eye looks to try in 2021.


Glam Gold Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Morphe 35O2 Palette | Smokey eye  makeup, Golden eye makeup, Gold smokey eye

The classic gold shimmer is fine, but have you considered incorporating the whole gold family? We’re talking gold, rose gold, and a golden nude. The sun rays have nothing on this glowing look. Pro tip: Add the boldest gold to your inner corners.


QUICK & EASY Pink Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial - YouTube

Whether you’re rocking millennial pink or a rosy shade, the colour works for every season. Forget the liner and use a shadow to create a deep cut.


21 Neon Makeup Ideas to Try This Summer | StayGlam

Look, neon will always be in. Reach for this vibrant shade for an out-of-this-world look. The colour possibilities are endless, so try pink, yellow, or green as a starting point.


Trendy nails pastel purple eye makeup ideas | Silver eye makeup, Glitter eye  makeup, Purple makeup

You simply can’t go wrong with pastels this time of year. The purple shade reminds us of blooming flowers and the fresh smell of lavender. Seriously, who doesn’t want to be reminded of that?


Kylie Cosmetics on Twitter: "mermaid vibes 🧜‍♀️ gorgeous look featuring  Aqua Mama shimmer eye glaze, Be Pacific from the Under The Sea palette and  Beach Bum lipstick ☀️ shop now on…

Speaking of pastels, two colours are always better than one. Use a light blue and a green shade for a beach-inspired look. Divide and conquer with the blue on the inner corner of your eye and green shining through on the outer corner. And don’t forget to blend, blend, blend.


How to master the floating eyeliner look in 3 easy steps

Yup, we’re ignoring the lash line entirely and taking our eyeliner to the skies (aka our new favourite spot). It’s all about creating an “outline” by connecting your curve line (that runs parallel to your crease) and your preferred wingspan (that’s on the outer corner of your eye). This technique is perfect for all eye shapes (especially for the monolid gals).


Get This Rainbow Cat-Eye Makeup Look In Under a Minute | Allure

We don’t need summer showers to see a colourful rainbow. Grab shades like yellow, green, orange, pink, and purple and begin to layer up until the crease for a striking band of colours.

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