6 Ways to update your Skincare Routine!

Thank God, I have FINALLY found a skincare routine that truly works for me! As a disclaimer, I have dry/combination skin! I get oily in my t-zone and drier in my cheeks. I really do love every product in my routine and they really work well with my skin. I have tried switching products out and my skin did NOT agree, so that’s how I know for sure my skin really loves these haha!

1: Face Washes

So I have two face washes is because I use one in the morning and both at the end of the day or after a workout.

Morning Face Wash: Mamaearth Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash

Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash with Foaming Silicone Cleanser Brush Powered  by Vitamin C & Turmeric - 150ml: Amazon.in: Beauty

I really love using just this cleanser in the morning because it’s super gentle and moisturizing! It’s formulated with a natural blend of  Vitamin C, Turmeric, Cucumber & Aloe Vera, which leaves your skin super soft after. I also use this before another cleanser to double cleanse at the end of every day and after a workout. This cleanser is a great way to break down your makeup to get it all off easier!

Night Face Wash: No Brainer Cleanser

This face wash is in Higher Education’s skincare line for dry and sensitive skin! It’s created with hydrolyzed rice protein and rice amino acids help to hydrate and restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier. I’ve noticed that this leaves my skin cleaner than other ones I have used and it’s affordable, you really can’t go wrong!

2: Toner

Good Vibes Toner – Rose Glow 

Good vibes rose glow toner review | best rose water | facial toner | -  YouTube

If you don’t use a toner, YOU NEED TO. Your face wash does not get every trace of dirt off of your skin! Toner also restores your skin’s pH level, smooths skin by refining rough patches, and improves skin tone. I’ve been using Good Vibes toner for quite a while now and I don’t think I’ll ever switch!

3: Serum


This serum was a GAME CHANGER FOR ME! The NOX serum is formulated with CBD and Vitamins C & E. It’s actually the world’s only hemp-infused, nitric oxide rejuvenation system. Nitric oxide allows your body to naturally detoxify itself and if your body’s level of this is low it is quite impossible for your skin to naturally purify and revive itself. I know the price may take you back a little but if you are currently getting facials, microdermabrasion, or even taking Accutane, the price basically comes out to the same.

4: Oils

I use rosehip oil at night and marula oil in the morning before moisturizer to keep my skin moisturized and supple! The organic rosehip oil I use is one that I found at TJMaxx and it’s a bit heavier so I use it at night. I use this organic marula oil in the morning, it’s only $16! If you’re looking to buy oils, I personally don’t believe you need to use any specific brand. You just need to make sure the oil is organic and there are no other ingredients or fragrances in it!

5: SPF

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Review

SPF is an everyday essential. It keeps your skin protected from any damage the sun can cause on your skin (hint: it can do a LOT of bad things for your skin including aging, sun spots, and discoloration). I’ve been a fan of Neutrogena’s products for a while but this everyday SPF is so moisturizing while protecting your skin! It has sunflower extract which is rich in beta carotene and helps protect your skin from external environmental elements. It also has rosemary leaf extract which has a calming effect on the skin and is rich in antioxidants.

6: Moisturizer

GOAL DIGGER® Moisturizing Cucumber Crème

Higher Education Gold Digger Moisturizer

This is another product from Higher Education’s line for dry/sensitive skin. It smells like cucumbers and I basically love anything cucumber so I instantly fell in love with this moisturizer. This moisturizer is infused with cucumber and other natural plant extracts that help replenish the moisture of your skin while Vitamin B3 works to both prolong and boost your skin’s moisture!

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