6 Simple Steps to Earn Money Through Blogging

6 Simple Steps to Earn Money Through Blogging

Yeah….!!! You got it right, you can definitely generate Handsome revenue by getting yourself dedicated to the field of blogging. However, it is not always a compulsion to spend your whole time blogging. You can also invest a part of your day and earn via blogging.

All of us know about the increasing rate of unemployment in our country which has been now concentrated by the COVID 19 PANDEMIC.

6 Simple Steps to Earn Money Through Blogging

Having Blogging as full time passion is like having a silver spoon in your mouth.

Most of you guys will be definitely having some questions in your mind like

  • How and where can I start Blogging?
  • Can I Really Earn money by writing blogs?
  • How much can I earn?
  • How much time should I spend as a beginner?
  • How can I select my niche?
  • Is blogging free of cost?

If you really want to start and earn via blogging then, yes you are on The Right Platform. You will be getting a complete list of ways to earn by blogging.

1.Simple Steps for Beginners

6 Simple Steps to Earn Money Through Blogging

As a Beginner, you can start with either Free blogging sites or Make your own website. Free blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger(By Google), Medium. All of the above-listed sites/apps offers an opportunity for beginners to post their blogs for free. However, there are some limitations in the content category, Designing and image quality. Although they are the Best Options for Beginners in Blogging.

After a Certain exposure to Blogg writing, you can move towards designing your own site. Designing can also be done yourself by learning the simple steps to create a basic website either by hiring a website designer at Freelancer sites like Fiverr. com

The best advantage of having your own website is to have your own URL, control over the blog design and content of the blog. However, you will have to pay a certain amount of money for domain and hosting. The domain can be got at godaddy.com and various other platforms.

Earning Ideas through Blogging

6 Simple Steps to Earn Money Through Blogging

1.Use of Affiliate Marketing-Affiliate marketing involves the use of selling products of other brands by adding Affiliate links of products. It will give an earning of a small number of commissions depending on the number of products sold by your affiliate link. Many of the famous brands offer Affiliate links to their product to increase the sales of their product. Some of the famous brands with affiliate link providers are AMAZON, APPLE, FLIPKART, and TOPSHOP.

6 Simple Steps to Earn Money Through Blogging

2.Ads Marketting– You can generate a huge amount by adding and approving ads on your site. The most commonly used sites for getting ads on your sites are media.net and Adsense. Other than the traditional ads companies private and other firms can also be approached for ads publishing on your site.

6 Simple Steps to Earn Money Through Blogging

3.Digital Product Selling-Digital Products like ebooks and blueprints can be created and sold on your own site. Selling your own creation is the best thing one can go with. Digital products may contain a novel, magazine, or manual made by you or anyone else. Commonly employed ebooks are How to ?? ebooks i.e problem-solving ebooks.

6 Simple Steps to Earn Money Through Blogging

4.Online Consultation-As the whole world is moving towards the digital world, every profession is also getting digitalized. One can make online Digital Sites for any profession like Doctors(Private practitioners), Lawyers, Multispecialty Hospitals, Real estate Businesses, Hotels, Lawns, Restaurants, etc. Ability to Convince your client is the key to make any Business Successful.

6 Simple Steps to Earn Money Through Blogging
Online doctor vector concept, patient consultation, doctor appointment. Vector illustration in flat style.

5.Online Course Launch– It is the category in which most bloggers are interested and capable. One can launch an Ad for an online course related to his/her passion. Like a medical student/Professional can launch his online crash course of NEET(Medical Entrance Exam). You can make videos, Powerpoint, or ebooks for your course.

6 Simple Steps to Earn Money Through Blogging

6.Skill Based Work-One can also earn by working as a freelancer, working for Designing logos, Creating Websites, Content Writing, Editing And Creating Featured Images, etc.

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