5 Apps every college student must have in 2021!

Technology is a wonderful thing. And when it comes to studying, you can never have too much help. So I did a bit of research and found 5 study apps for a college student that are geared towards keeping you on schedule and on-task with organized study materials.

1. notion:

5 Apps every college student must have in 2021!

As anybody who is into productivity will love this app, I have tried different productivity apps to get your things together and stay organized. It wasn’t until I’ve come across Notion and read The Straight-A Student I’ve converged to a singular system for my notes and college life.

Some things, like a Google Calendar integration, are still missing. Nevertheless, Notion helped me immensely in my efforts to bring clarity and focus into university work

I strongly encourage you to experiment on your own and thank me later.

2. One note:

Microsoft brings Office and OneNote apps to Amazon's Fire tablets - The  Verge

This is my personal favorite app, Whether you are a tutor or a student, and whatever your discipline, it’s likely that you are going to have to make notes. Paper and pen can be convenient and it’s something we’re all used to, but digital notes have a lot to offer a lot

You can use OneNote to collect and organize a wide range of content, whereas your paper notebook can really only cope with text, drawings, and perhaps glued-in pictures. OneNote can go further, allowing you to clip content from websites, add audio notes to it.

Paper notebooks not only get bulky once you’re into several volumes but are also prone to lose and damage. OneNote notebooks are stored in the cloud (in your OneDrive) and automatically saved and synchronized, so you can access them on any web-enabled device. Not only can you read or edit your notes on the go, but you can work on notes at home then find them waiting for you when you log in on campus

Another really useful feature of OneNote is the ability to share notes or notebooks with other people. This could be great for collecting material for a group project.


Forest - Stay focused, be present
forest app

For those who get distracted by their phones when they need to study, Forest is a fresh and beautifully designed app. What does it do? Each time you sit down to study, you can plant a little tree in the Forest app to keep you from playing with your phoneThe tree takes 30 minutes to grow, and if you try to exit the app (to use your phone) before the 30 minutes is over, your cute little tree will die!

During the coronavirus pandemic, we’re all using our phones and computers more than ever in a twist of irony. Before we had to stay at home and work remotely, we were addicted. Now, these gadgets and gizmos surround us all day and we react to every text notification and ding-ding on our phones.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that Forest actually works. In one mode, you can set the tree to grow only if you leave the app running and don’t switch to something else. In my tests at my desk, I would start a new tree seedling and then write down ideas and plans in a journal. this will really help for every college student it will increase your study time and also will feel good by looking your little tree grow.

4. Microsoft Office Lens:

Microsoft Office Lens - YouTube

Microsoft Office Lens will be very helpful for students it allows users to scan in copies of documents and whiteboards, and input them into other applications. The technology is also built into the one-note. easily you can scan something on your phone, and have it sync with my iPad using OneDrive, which is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution. you can do this when lighting conditions are more questionable, or if lifting your iPad gives off too much of a shadow.

because of covid 19, we all are stuck to online class every work is going online this Microsoft office lens will help you to make pdf scanning anything which is very great.

5. Spotify:

5 Apps every college student must have in 2021!

why Spotify? Studying is probably not high on anyone’s list of favorite things to do. However, when taking classes either at the university or online, it’s definitely a necessary aspect of achieving success. The only thing worse than studying itself is doing it in silence. No thank you! Listening to some fun tunes while studying is even proven to ease student stress and even test anxiety, as music can be a huge help with processing emotions and can be uplifting in many cases. 

As students, I’m sure we can agree we would love nothing more than to stress less. also, you can lessen to an inspiring podcast which is very helpful for any college student. you can also gate Spotify for free as a student.

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