6 Best Fashion Trends You Loved as a Kid, and the Adult Counterpart to Wear Today!

Fashion Trends You Loved as a Kid, and the Adult Counterpart to Wear Today!

The older I get, the more nostalgic I seem to feel when thinking about my ’90s childhood. An afternoon spent watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? on a blow-up couch while eating some sort of fruit snack roll-up thing? I’d like to go back now, please. But, while there’s no magic potion that can help me travel to a time before bills, commitments, jobs, etc., there is one thing we fully formed adults can still enjoy freely: Kid fashion.

Prior to becoming an adult, I assumed I’d have to ditch all my fun clothing and accessories at a certain point. After all, I’d never seen my mom wear butterfly clips or quirky graphic tees, and fashion rules declaring what was “polished” and “professional” were everywhere until a few shorts years ago. These days, however, I know that trends have no age limit, and anyone can wear anything — especially now when so many styles I enjoyed as a six-year-old have seemingly been revamped and enlarged to suit my much-older self.

1: Vending Machine Rings

vending machine rings - Google Search | Rings, Drop earrings, Gemstone rings

Remember begging your mom for a quarter just so you could plop it into a machine, twist a handle, and get…a really cheap ring that will probably turn your finger green? Well, someone took that idea and ran with it for 2021. Not only are big, but the resin bubble also rings having a moment, colourful, geometric, jewelled designs have been popping up.

2: Beaded Jewelry

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So much of my jewellery as a youngster was made to stretch and included tons of colourful beads that came in classic shapes and patterns. While my adult self would never say no to diamonds or a sleek gold chain, I’m also happy to report that beaded designs are back, which are perfect for casual days or times when your outfit needs a little pop.

3: Novelty Prints

Novelty Prints Trend On Spring 2015 Runways - Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion  Week Trend Reports

Remember when I thought graphics would be long gone by my mid-20s? Well, it turns out that’s so not the case. Aside from slogan sweatshirts going strong with the school core look, many brands have started thinking beyond the average florals and polka-dots, decorating dresses, skirts, tops, and pants with animals, food, and specific objects. It’s refreshing, and perfect for that carefree summer vibe.

4: Buckle Shoes and Sandals

Buckle Shoes

Part of me will always look at Mary-Jane shoes styled with socks and think about my collection of dolls, but despite nicknaming the trend “babydoll shoes,” this footwear option is perfectly fine to wear well into your 30s, 40s, and 50s. They’re the flat that complements dainty dresses, and a chunky sole can help amp up your everyday pair of jeans. It’s time to work a versatile pair of buckle shoes (and sandals — especially of the jelly variety!) into your go-to rotation, alongside those slip-on sneakers and ankle boots.

5: Elaborate Socks

Ruffle Socks

Not everyone will be on board with this one, but I don’t care. I personally love swapping out my boring old tube socks for pairs that include ruffles and/or sparkles. It’s the easiest trick for giving a simple outfit a more fashion-forward spin, and definitely helps spice up my white sneakers and the aforementioned Mary-Janes.

6: Overalls

6 Cool AF Ethical Jumpsuit Brands You Can Wear All Year Round

Ok, so overalls aren’t really new for 2021 — they admittedly made their way back into my wardrobe around 2016, and I’m immensely grateful for it. After all, why should toddlers be the only ones to benefit from this throw-on-and-go look? Of course, you don’t have to pair yours with a onesie bodysuit; a baggy tee and sandals work for relaxed, weekend days, while a balloon-sleeved something and boots will help to make this piece seem somewhat dressy.

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