5 Best Tips to Style your Attire with Sling Bags!

As a woman or girl, you must definitely have women sling bags in your bag collection. Women’s Sling bags are versatile and can be carried with anything. No matter what your outfit is, a jeans-and-tee combo or a flowy maxi dress, a sling bag will always add to your overall look. And we all have at least two to three women sling bags in our closets, which we never use. Today, I have put together five ideas to inspire you to take your sling bags out of the closet and style them to step into everyday fashion.

 Sling Bags

1: A Simple Sling Bag

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A sling bag won’t just make you look fashionable, but it also adds comfort. A women’s sling bag is a great partner for your adventures as well as everyday works. Want to carry a quick and small snack to nibble or a place to keep your cards and money pouch all together? A simple sling bag is an answer to all these queries. And to make it more precise, you can add the sling bags according to your outfit. Like you can match it with your outfit or style it accordingly

2: The Sling to Add a Pop of Colour

Sling Bag Fashion Styles For Every Look | Meesho

When dressing in light colours is the norm, a bright sling bag can add that much-needed pop of colour while adding a layer of functionality to your look. For instance, if you are wearing black from top to bottom, then adding a bright colour sling bag like red or yellow will change the entire look. 

3: Criss Cross

Sling & Criss cross - BAGS - WOMEN

Two slings are better than one. Aren’t they? Did you ever think of it? You can create a unique look by toting two lightweight sling bags together for additional space and a unique element of style. This works well if one bag is smaller than the other to create an overlapped and useful look. You can try this look if you are going on a trip, trekking with friends, or something like this. 

4: Go with the Flow

Straw Criss Cross Knitted Round Sling Bag Foe Women- Baifo.me

sling bags look great with flowing dresses and long skirts. You can add visual interest and easy storage space to a flowy dress with a variety of colors. Most flowy dresses don’t have pockets, and this makes a sling even more important. You can choose a sling bag of a shade lighter or darker than your outfit to have a decent look. 

5: Regular Slings

Dark Brown Leather Sling Bag | Zakara International | Custom Design &  Development | Leather Goods

When you are in a hurry, remember your sling bag. It will take away your rush. For an impromptu trip out of the house, nothing works better than a sling bag in a nice color to carry your essentials like a wallet and mobile. Just grab a sling bag and slip your things in. 

So these were some of the sling bag looks I often try. They work well for me and add to my overall look. I would suggest you try these effortless looks as well and slay it out. 

I recently got a few women sling bags from Kompanero, and I love them; they have such great quality and designs available. If your wardrobe is missing a Women Sling bag, get yours today! 

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