5 Affordable Perfumes for WomenYou Should Try!

Looking for perfumes that fit into your budget? Read our article to find a perfect perfume for yourself!

When we think of the most amazing smelling perfumes we realize price range is a barrier because finding affordable perfumes in the Indian Market is challenging! We have tried and found some amazing options that won’t cost you a ton. All of these perfumes start from Rs.200 and end at a max of 800 rupees. Here are few options that we love and recommend you to buy for your personal preference of fragrance type.

1: Nike Trendy Eau De Toillete

Nike Trendy EDT for Women, Pink Review | Bling Sparkle

This is another popular perfume from Nike, which is known to be an exact dupe for an angel by Mugler, a luxury fragrance, it’s an oriental vanilla fragrance. Nike trendy is an amazing option if you’re looking for a very chick floral and powdery perfume. The MRP of this one is Rs. 599. When I smell it I imagine myself being in a fresh flower shop in the morning. It has a huge chart of notes in it. The most catchy and prominent notes that I get are melon, coconut, lily of the valley, jasmine, and plum. The middle and base notes that I sense are Tonka bean, vanilla, and musk. It’s a perfect option if you’re looking for a perfume which belongs from a floral family, which is very decent and inoffensive. It smells girly but not overly sweet to call it a teenage bubbly smell, it’s a versatile feminine fragrance that falls between the youthful and mature category.

2: Spinz: Mistique Eau De Parfum

Spinz Eau De Perfume Mystique : Review - Through My Pink Window - Beauty,  Makeup, Review, Lifestyle and More

This is an affordable option as it costs under 400 rupees. It’s the most unique and Royal smelling fragrance on this list. When I say Royal it doesn’t mean it has some heavy old smelling musk and a strong base note which dominates the top and middle notes. It’s a perfectly balanced and well-blended smell with the most beautiful notes of juniper berry, lime blossom, patchouli, vetiver, parma coriander, and spicy cinnamon. It’s a warm spicy fragrance with rich floral notes which isn’t overly sweet, floral, or fruity. It falls in a chypre floral family and has a saffron vibe in it. Spinz’s mystique smells like a nighttime perfume and reminds me of autumn but you can wear it at any time or season of the year. If you’re a person looking for a unique and unusual smelling perfume that isn’t too girly or fruity you should pick this one!

3: Iba: Halal Rain Drops

Buy Iba Halal Care Pure Perfume Combo (First lady:8ml, Blue lotus:8ml, Rain  drops:10ml) Online at Low Prices in India - Amazon.in

This alcohol-free fragrance oil with a very concentrated perfume is like a blast of aqua in a small bottle. It’s a 10 ml fragrance oil which costs under 200. This fragrance is the most lasting fragrance on this list. It lasts for more than 7 hours easily. Another hyped opinion among perfume lovers is that this perfume is a straightway dupe of David off cool water women which costs around 5000 rupees. If you are a person who’s into men’s fragrances because of fresh aquatic notes then you should opt for Iba Halal’s rain drop’s, its a more feminine and sexy version of a perfect aqua perfume with beautiful ozonic and sea notes mixed with a few floral notes. It’s a perfect summertime fragrance that will keep you refreshed and awake for the whole day!

4: Play Boy: Play It Wild Eau De Toillete

Buy Playboy New Play It Wild W EDT, 90ml Online at Low Prices in India -  Amazon.in

It’s surprising to know that this beautiful fragrance isn’t popular and talked much in our beautiful community in India. But the good thing is it’s an amazing option for everyone who’s looking for hidden gemstones in the drugstore market. Can you ever imagine a fragrance having a coca-cola note? Well yes! This fragrance has a sweet orange cola vibe in it. Even fragrance’s description says the composition starts with mandarin, pear, and neroli. The most noticeable notes picked are mandarin blossom, orange-cola chord and it has rhubarb which is a very expensive and loved note in fragrances. It’s a perfect combination between sweet, fruity, and citrusy. The good thing about this fragrance is you can also get a deodorant version under 200 and the eau de toilette is available online for under 800 rupees.

5: Vanessa: Envy Blush Natural Spray

Envy Blush Perfume Review

This perfume is a definition of gorgeousness that fits all ages. It was unexpected to get such a rich smelling perfume from this brand because other fragrances of this brand smell very ordinary. Also this Eau de parfum coats for Rs. 250 which is another win-win factor. This fragrance has such a crowd-attracting factor and a pleasing vibe in it. If you are looking for a subtle, clean, and everyday perfume, it’s perfect for you! The fragrance of this one is unbeatable and anyone who smells it thinks of it as a very expensive and classy perfume! For some reason, it has a very creamy vibe in it and reminds me of a smell we get after a luxury spa bath. The sophisticated sweet and girly smell of this one brings positivity when you will wear it.

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