4 Ways to Reduce Stress/Depression During Covid-19

Now there was the second wave of COVID 19, together with your wellbeing our mental quality is additionally getting influenced. So when you take care of your immunity you must follow these tips to take of your mental health as well.

We know that 2020 is filled with only negativity and disturbance and we all looking for a better 2021. But this was not possible in 2021 we get to see the second wave of COVID 19. The second wave is very dangerous from the first one due to which the number of cases was increasing rapidly, this causes lots of distress and mess among the people which brings the issue of anxiety and stress. In this pandemic we are facing many new problems such as work from home, homeschooling of children, temporary unemployment, etc…So all this liable to anxiety, stress, and depression. Consequently, it is more vital than ever to see after ourselves and our mental and physical well-being.

Here are some tips which helps you to reduce your stress, anxiety and depression during the second wave of COVID 19.   


4 Ways to Reduce Stress/Depression During Covid-19

Journaling could be a frame of self-expression that can help you to understand your feelings and boost your mood. Journaling has its positive effect such as calming and clearing your mind, identifying and accepting your emotions, releasing your everyday stress and helps you to let go of your negative thoughts. The best part about is that it does not restrict you to organize. You can write about how you are feeling, write down your objectives or make lists. Be yourself and write whatever you want without fear of judgment.


4 Ways to Reduce Stress/Depression During Covid-19

You can do some DIY projects with the help of the material which was available at your home this will helps your mind to keep occupied in a constructive manner. DIY projects help your mind to function creatively and this will also help to remove negative thoughts from your mind.

FOR EXAMPLE, You can make a photo frame or flowers using old magazines and newspaper or you can make color candles using crayons. You can also make your beautiful home decor which will make your home beautiful. There are many DIY projects available on the internet or youtube.


4 Ways to Reduce Stress/Depression During Covid-19

Social media has become very useful for people in these times. It will become the source of connecting people, helping each other, and staying informed about the COVID 19. But it is very important to minimize the use of social media because constant negative news and information cause us anxiety and depression. We all know that it is very important for us to stay informed, but an over-burden of news can change your emotions in a way that is not healthy for you. So it was important for us to reduce the time on social media.


4 Ways to Reduce Stress/Depression During Covid-19

We all know that our physical and mental health are connected with each other. So it was recommended you add some kind of exercise and workout in your daily life, this will helps you to feel good and which can help you to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression.

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