What is white fungus? Is it more dangerous than Black Fungus?

After black fungus, now white fungus hit India. In India, The black fungus was rapidly increased in several states, but now the cases of white fungus were reported from Patna in Bihar. In Patna, four cases of white fungus were found.  

Which one is more dangerous?

What is white fungus? Is it more dangerous than Black Fungus?

According to the experts, the white fungus is more dangerous and deadlier than the black fungus because it affects other body parts apart from the lungs such as nails, brain, kidney, skin, stomach, private parts and mouth.

According to the doctors, the people who have diabetics, those who have gone through a kidney transplant, AIDS patients, and low immunity have higher chances of having white fungus.

Symptoms of White Fungus?

It is important to know about the symptoms and be aware. The symptoms of white fungus are found similar to the Covid-19 and this can be recognised through the CT-Scan or X-Ray.

White fungus is also affecting those who have covid positive & who is on oxygen support. It is also found that the white fungus directly affecting on the lungs of the patient.

How to Prevent it?

According to the doctor, the only way to prevent white fungus is always to sanitize the oxygen cylinder and ventilator properly.

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