What does a Panic Attack feel like?

Don’t know how Panic Attack feels like, Here are some symptoms of a Panic Attack.

1. Cardiac Discomfort

What does a Panic Attack feel like?

Cardiac discomfort is the symptom that torments me the most. When I sleep at night, my heart feels uncomfortable, and when I breathe, I think that I can’t get enough air, so I have to open my mouth to breathe in a little. I always want to take a deep breath or yawn.

When I am close to falling asleep, my heartbeat suddenly increases, and I can’t sleep afterward. Sometimes the heart skips a beat and suddenly takes a pause, which makes me feel like I can’t breathe. There will be temporary pain in the chest area. It usually lasts for a second or two minutes, mostly stabbing pain.

2. Sense of Unreality

What does a Panic Attack feel like?

Sometimes I would suddenly feel a lapse of consciousness, my physical body would lose weight, and I would feel like I didn’t exist. I usually force myself to struggle hard to get rid of this illusion. 

Sometimes when I’m on the verge of falling asleep, I suddenly feel like I’m not breathing, or I feel like I haven’t breathed in for a long time, and then I suddenly wake up again.

3. Incomplete Yawning

What does a Panic Attack feel like?

When yawning, I suddenly stopped yawning when I took a breath. The first time the symptom appeared when I opened my mouth, I did not know whether to continue to finish yawning.

4. Body Nmbness

What does a Panic Attack feel like?

At the worst time of my panic attacks, my body went numb. I had to sit up and gasp for air and drink warm water. Otherwise, I felt like I was going to die.

Do not take it for granted that we can’t breathe smoothly when our bodies go numb and then go to a ventilated place to breathe heavily instead, which will only worsen the symptoms. Be sure to calm down as soon as possible and adjust the breathing rate to a regular pace.

5. Muscle Twitching

What does a Panic Attack feel like?

The muscles in certain parts of the body suddenly jumped for no reason. The twitching was beyond our control.

7. Frequent Sleep Paralysis

What does a Panic Attack feel like?

I was in a semi-conscious state until I had this symptom, and then I felt a tingling current flowing from the bottom to the top of my brain. If we don’t force ourselves to wake up at this time, we will fall into this state.

8. Weakness and Faintness

What does a Panic Attack feel like?

I felt weak without doing anything. I was drowsy all day, my limbs were weak, and sometimes my legs were shaking when I walked. Sometimes, I have a little stuffy feeling accompanied by stomach discomfort.

9. Many Dreams Overnight

What does a Panic Attack feel like?

I have dreams every night, and these dreams are strange and weird. Sometimes it’s a nightmare, sometimes not, but even if it’s not a nightmare, it’s also not a good dream. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of sleep and then go back to sleep and dream again. After a night of tossing and turning, I would feel exhausted and depressed at all.

The most severe anxiety attack in my life.

On October 19, 2019, due to one of the most feared math exams coming up, I went to the library that day. I still want to say one more thing: you have to put yourself at peace no matter what you face. Except for terminal illness, there is no hurdle in the world that you can’t overcome.

I was so worried about the math test that I ended up missing it directly due to anxiety, but I’m still having a good time. I usually do not have the habit of drinking coffee, but I was worried about being sleepy and drank a big cup of iced coffee on that day.

Here, I would like to remind people with anxiety disorders to avoid caffeine as much as possible! The most alarming symptom of anxiety somatization is the performance of the heart. Caffeine can increase the burden on the heart. It can also lead to insomnia. I feel like my heart is uncomfortable when I don’t sleep well.

The road from the library to home was empty and silent. Suddenly, a fire truck on the side of the road beeped, my heart pounded unrhythmical, and the rhythm was disturbed, and from that moment, I felt like my heart was not comfortable. 

When I got home, I was already exhausted because I felt uncomfortable from the excessive shock. I put hot water into the bathtub, thinking that taking a bath could relieve my exhausted state. I almost passed out when I got up. My heart began to beat faster, and I couldn’t breathe well. Do not take a hot bath when your heart is uncomfortable or has low blood sugar!

I lay in bed the whole night and did not fall asleep. I was afraid I would fall asleep and have a cardiac arrest and not fall asleep until eight o’clock in the morning. As a result, I was woken up at 11:00 pm by a phone call from a friend, asking me to help pick up something. 

After picking up the stuff, I went back to bed and couldn’t sleep.

Because I didn’t get enough sleep, my mental state was not good at all. Ensure a good sleeping environment when you sleep, open your cell phone without disturbance, don’t let others disturb your rest, and get enough sleep.

I felt a steady drop in body temperature around 2:00 am and a coldness that could not be relieved no matter how many blankets I covered. The limbs began to stiffen, making it difficult to move and bend them, and the hands had no strength to make fists. 

I felt that my breathing was feeble. I thought that I would not survive that night.

I started to shed uncontrollable tears and then turned into crying out loud. The only thought in my head is to jump off the building. If I jump, I don’t have to be afraid anymore. 

Numbness began in the limbs and gradually spread to the whole body. At that time, the inner fear had reached its peak, and all behavior started to become out of control. I didn’t know how I spent that night.

Finally, I hope that my experience can be helpful to people who suffer from anxiety.

Let’s keep going together!

Author’s Bio: My name is Carl Lee, and I have a Master’s degree. I have been working in the mental health field since I graduated. Our company website, www.sandaki.com, is also a platform for people to share their stories about depression and anxiety.

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