The snake plant is a beautiful indoor shrub with long wavy leaves. here are 7 benefits you need to know about Snake Plants that you should expect once you start growing yours. The beautiful plant has dark and light green stripes on its leaves which look very similar to the skin of a snake. The plant is often called mother-in-law’s tongue because of its sharp appearance and is grown all over the world. The snake plant is one of the easiest to grow plants which will not expect you to give it a lot of attention. Apart from being one of the world’s most fuss-free plants

1. Purifies the Air in your home


If you’re complaining about an increase in pollution, imagine how much of the polluted air gets trapped in your home. Research says that air inside homes and houses is a lot more harmful than the air outside. Several common household devices (television, microwaves, etc.) and objects (newspapers, gas stoves, plastic bottles, etc.) contain toxins which float about in the air. These toxins slowly harm your respiratory system and cause a lot of long term side effects. Growing the Snake Plant at your home will purify the air inside your home. NASA lists the snake plant as one of the best air purifying plants with a special ability to fight these harmful toxins.

2. Fewer Allergies

Because the snake plants have smooth leaves, it does not attract allergens and dust particles. Studies suggest that residents living around snake plants have lesser eye irritation, fewer respiratory problems, fewer headaches, lesser impairment of the lungs. What this means is that common allergies caused by dust particles and allergies floating in the air will be reduced. If you suffer from migraines or prolonged colds, sinus or excessive sneezing, the Snake Plants will be an effective solution to improve your health and the health of your home.

3. Repels Mosquitoes


One of the most common problems with growing plants is that they tend to attract insects and mosquitoes. But the snake plant is your friend. The snake plant has a chemical called Saponin which repels mosquitoes. Even if you live in a part of your city where there are excessive mosquitoes, growing the snake plant will surely help you live itch-free. The beautiful shrub is your friend and will protect you from the insects and the diseases they tend to carry. To get rid of mosquitoes – it is as easy as growing snake plants around you.

4. Can be grown in badly lit areas

The snake plants do not have a lot of demands, in fact, they can be grown in darker corners of your home including the bathroom. The plant is able to survive a variety of lighting conditions and adapts to all parts of your home. If you’ve ever made an excuse that your home does not receive enough light indoors and so you don’t grow plants; the snake plant is a perfect fit for you. Grow it indoors, grow it inside your room, grow it anywhere. The only thing the plant requires is that you do not fiddle with it often. Leaving it to grow on its own is perhaps the best idea to have a healthy plant!

5. The most amount of oxygen (Even at night)


There are very few plants that release oxygen and convert carbon dioxide even at night. The snake plant is one of those few. Apart from the various toxins that the snake plant removes from your home, it is also one of the best sources of oxygen throughout the day. The green beauty will actively give you more air to breathe at all times of the day. Studies suggest that having a plant that releases oxygen throughout the day leads to better sleep cycles. Simply by growing the snake plant at your home, you could be living in a cooler, oxygen-rich world.

6. Less pruning and Less watering

A lot of house plants are very fussy. They require certain kinds of lights, certain kinds of water, or they shed too often, etc. The Snake plants are the opposite. It does not require a lot of pruning or frequent watering. The snake plant will go for long durations without water. If you’re a forgetful person or if you have an extremely hectic schedule the snake plants will befriend you.

7. Increase humidity in homes.


Homes are some of the driest spaces, which dehydrate the residents inside. Keeping your Air Conditioner on will also show you how dry your home actually can get. The dryness inside the homes causes a lot of skin problems and headaches. But, if you grow a snake plant you do not need to worry. The snake plant will balance out the humidity in your home and will release more moisture. An increase in humidity inside homes will also give you a sense of fresher air.

8. Decorative and not too much space.


It is a slow-growing plant that rises upwards, so it will not take up too much space. In urban spaces, the fight for space is real and you can grow your snake plant anywhere in the house without worrying about the amount of space it will take up or that it will grow too fast. The decorative leaves will, in fact, liven up any space in your home. If you don’t have a lot of space and still want to add some beautiful decorations to your home, the snake plant is an ideal choice, Even if you’re a forgetful person or if you do not find the time to cater to the special needs of plants. Before you start your journey with snake plants make sure to read up on the ideal watering schedule and placement for a healthy plant and healthy home!

If you’re still confused or wondering whether the snake plants are for you, do not give it another thought and get one as soon as possible. You growing the snake plants could be the helpful drop the world needs right now. Your home and plant could soon provide you with all the oxygen that you need. And a sustainable future will help you, your family, and everyone in the longer run.

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