The 6 Best Pre-Workout Supplements for women

Having a great workout isn’t always a given.

Some days your mind is elsewhere and your body is in couch potato mode rather than killer workout mode.

Fortunately, there is help…

A good Pre-Workout Supplements can give you that extra boost you need on the days you are not exactly up for it and take you to the next level on the days that you are ready to tear it up. But there’s more…

The 6 Best Pre-Workout Supplements

Today’s pre-workout supplements can also help you burn fat, build lean muscle and increase focus along with the energy boost.

In this article, we will cover the best pre-workout supplements for women on the market today that will help you meet your goals.

First, we’ll introduce you 6 Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Women These are hand-picked supplements to get your exercise juices flowing and to help you spend longer in the gym shedding pounds or pumping muscle.

#1 PreSeries LEAN by Transparent Labs

The 6 Best Pre-Workout Supplements 2021

PreSeries LEAN tops off our list and is the best choice for ladies who are looking for a pre-workout that will help them get lean and burn fat.

This one has received a ton of great reviews and they are all true. It has a potent Fat Burning and Thyroid Support complex designed to help you shed those pounds while getting a killer workout.

This pre-workout has a nice 6000 mg dose of Citrulline Malate, which is one of our favorite pre-workout ingredients. Citrulline Malate has been shown to improve strength, aerobic performance, and muscle endurance.

It also contains Beta-Alanine and Betaine Anhydrous to help you fight fatigue and workout harder for longer and also have been shown to decrease fat and cortisol.

PreSeries Lean also features Caffeine Anhydrous to take your energy level to the next level as well as Bioperine which helps the body absorb the ingredients.

We like that this product doesn’t contain zero-colored dyes, unnecessary fillers, or harmful additives and that the ingredients areas the company name suggest, transparent.


  • Best fat burning pre-workout on the market
  • A nice 6-gram Citrulline Malate dosage for strength
  • Features a fat burning and thyroid support complex to get you lean
  • No artificial sweeteners, dyes, fillers, or unhealthy additives
  • Optimal amounts of Choline, Betaine, BCAA 2:1:1, Beta-Alanine and Taurine
  • Made in the USA, not China
  • Features Bioperine for better absorption

Any Negatives?

  • Only available online

#2 Powher Pre-Workout

Powher’s pre-workout is the first supplement of its kind to be uniquely developed for women.

This stimulant-free, energy booster gives you all the benefits of a male pre-workout supplement but without any of the side effects.

It does this by pairing a modest amount of Natural Caffeine with the amplifying ingredient extra.

Other benefits include increased time to exhaustion whilst exercising, as well as improved strength in the lower limbs.

Powher’s female-friendly blend contains Non-GMO energizers like ‘Oxjun’, known for its ability to boost cardiac performance. There’s 500mg of Coconut water powder, included in order to help replace lost electrolytes and boost hydration levels.

These premium ingredients are not found in standard dietary supplements, and when blended together they ensure more efficient training and faster fat loss.

We like the fact that the makers have taken the time to make a product that is perfectly suited to the female body, this is highlighted by the fact that there is No Creatine in the formula.

So you won’t have to worry about looking bulky when using this pre-workout.


  • Only pre-workout that is properly formulated for women
  • Powerful, clean energy
  • Supports fat loss and muscle toning
  • Harnesses pioneering ingredient EnXtra in order to prevent caffeine crash
  • Natural ingredients not used in cheaper pre-workouts
  • Great taste
  • Avoids creatine
  • Made in the UK and USA


  • Premium Price

#3 Blackwolf Trail

The 6 Best Pre-Workout Supplements 2021

Next, we have a new pre-workout that is making waves with Blackwolf.

Blackwolf is a high-performance pre-workout that is made for men and women who are looking to get a great workout, get lean and build some muscle.

Looking at the ingredients and it is easy to see why Blackwolf is such an effective supplement. It has a nice 6000 mg dose of L-Citrulline for increased blood flow and easier muscle building along with 3000 mg of creatine which is the best muscle-building supplement you can buy. On top of that, they also include 200 mg of caffeine to help you power through your workouts, they also have a caffeine-free version available for those looking to avoid stimulants.

They also use L-Valine and L-Taurine to increase energy and metabolism. This leads to better and more intense workouts as well as more fat burning through a higher metabolism.

This product is a combination of over 20 active ingredients that contribute to enhanced fat burning, lean muscle building, and increased energy levels making it the premier fat burner for women looking to have great workouts, burn fat and increase metabolism.

Blackwolf Trail offers free shipping to over 100 countries worldwide as well as a money-back guarantee.

The price of this product is above average but it is not the highest on the list and the reviews are top-notch on this product.


  • Made in the USA
  • Caffeine-free version available
  • Uses creatine monohydrate
  • Endorsed by professional athletes
  • Uses Beta-Alanine to burn fat and increase lean muscle mass
  • Made to increase metabolism
  • Improves focus and drive
  • Free shipping to over 100 countries
  • Excellent flavors

Any Negatives?

  • Only available on the company website
  • Higher than average in price

#4 Gauge

The 6 Best Pre-Workout Supplements 2021

Next on our list of the best pre-workout supplements for women, we have 4 Gauge. This one is more of a muscle-building pre-workout so if you want to add muscle you should consider this one. It is a unisex pre-workout that is new to the market and it is really awesome. With its shotgun shell design you know it will pack a serious punch.

Taking a look at the ingredients and 4 Gauge is on point. They start off with a 6000mg dose of Citrulline Mallette along with 1000mg of creatine monohydrate for better strength, muscle gains, and endurance in the gym. On top of that, they have added 150mg of caffeine anhydrous for energy. We like that they use 150mg which is enough to boost your energy level but not over the top like a lot of the other pre-workouts out there. They also used a 200 mg dose of L-Theanine and Rhodiola Rosea for better focus and calm. They also added Acetyl L-Carnitine to help fight fatigue as well as reduce muscle damage. Lastly, they also included Coconut Water Powder which is packed full of electrolytes to keep you hydrated even through the most demanding workout.

Overall this one is really good for women who are looking to add muscle and get stronger. It has the right ingredients for muscle building, endurance, focus, and mood. All of which are important when looking for a good pre-workout. If you are looking to take your workouts and your body to the next level then this is the pre-workout that will help you do it.


  • Good muscle builder
  • Strong dose of Citrulline Malate
  • 1000 mg of creatine
  • Uses L-Theanine for focus
  • Not too much caffeine like many others
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • No proprietary blend
  • All natural ingredients

Any Negatives?

  • Not available in stores, only available on the manufacturer website

#5 Uplift By NLA

The 6 Best Pre-Workout Supplements 2021

Next, on our list of the best pre-workout supplements for women that are available is Uplift by NLA.  This one is geared specifically to women. This one is another hot product that has been getting some good reviews.

This product also works on a few different levels, it has what it calls a lean muscle matrix to help build muscle and reduce fat, an energy matrix to give you a boost before your workout and a Nootropic Brain and Body Matrix to give you a mental edge.  These ingredients are specially formulated for a woman’s needs, you will find that it supports your goal to increase both strength and intensity.

The negative with this product is that all of the matrixes they use are proprietary blends so we really have no way of knowing how much of the listed ingredients are actually in the product. While it does have good reviews and effective ingredients listed it is hard to tell exactly what you are getting with this one.


  • Uses matrixes for lean muscle, energy, and mental sharpness
  • Formulated for women only
  • Great taste

Any Negatives?

  • Uses a proprietary blend for the matrixes
  • Uses artificial flavors

#6 Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout

The 6 Best Pre-Workout Supplements for women

Optimum Nutrition is a popular supplement manufacturer with a couple of pre-workout products available on Amazon.

The Gold Standard Pre-Workout comes in eight flavors, all of which contain 175 caffeine, 3g creatine monohydrate, and 1.5g beta-alanine per daily serving. You’ll find 30 servings in each tub.

With Optimum Nutrition’s products, you can work out with the confidence that everything going into your body is safe, natural, and not on the banned substances list. So if your training has a competitive aspect, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

The Gold Standard formula riffs on a lot of the themes we’ve seen already in this list. Inside you’ll find caffeine for energy, motivation, focus, and concentration.

No more fighting with yourself to keep working out: Just a clearer mind, fuelled up and ready to keep going.

Back this up with creatine to support overall performance, beta-alanine to ramp up endurance, citrulline malate as a precursor to nitric oxide – and more – and you’re on track for a powerful workout.


  • Solid formula with lots of good ingredients to power up your workout
  • Emphasis on natural, clean ingredients
  • Over five thousand reviews on Amazon, with a 4.5-star rating
  • No proprietary blends: Even the matrices have a full ingredient breakdown
  • From a recognized and popular supplement manufacturer
  • A selection of flavors to suit any palette

Any Negatives?

  • Inconsistent packaging depending on which batch you get: Might put some people off
  • Not all flavors are always in stock

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