5 Best Morning yoga asanas to rework your body: International Yoga Day Edition!

If you try to practice the yoga asanas in the order of their sequence, it can also be converted into a practice flow

Yoga asanas

The ancient science of yoga has a holistic approach towards your well-being, but it works the best for you when you implement the practices early morning with the sunrise. More often than before, as you stay more indoors now, your known and unknown stress and tension can entangle you up.

On International Yoga Day 2021, here are five morning Yoga asanas, to simply rework your body.

If you try to practice the asanas in the order of their sequence, it can also be converted into a practice flow. You will surely begin to see the magical transformation in your overall health, keep practising and stay committed. 

1. Marjariasana / Cat-Cow Pose

Cat Cow Pose: Benefits, Steps & Precautions – YogaHolism

Come in Adhomukhswanansa, from here shift your bodyweight towards your hands, drop your knees down, your back spine is parallel to the floor. This pose is the formation for Cat-Cow Pose. Exhale and arch your back up to the sky. Look at your navel. Inhale and reverse the arch on your back to create a dip. Look up and stretch your neck as much as possible. Repeat this for five counts or more. Go slow and experience the body move with the breath.

2. Savitriasana / Kneeling Back-bending Pose

Savitriasana / Kneeling Back-bending Pose

Kneel and come in Vajrasana. Breathe and prepare for this posture. From here, raise your upper body and pelvis straight up. Gently inhale and raise both your arms up sideways. Look in between your palms. Keep your back spine straight. Hold for a few counts, then bring yourself back into Vajrasana. Repeat for two more counts.

3. Veerbhadrasana / Warrior I Pose Asanas

Warrior Pose (Veerabhadrasana or Virabhadrasana) | The Art of Living

You can do some lateral lunges to prepare yourself for this posture. Now, spread your legs approximately 4 feet distance on your mat. Point your right foot towards the front of the mat, your left foot stays as it is. From here, exhale and shift your body weight to the right leg and lower your pelvis in a way that your right ankle and your right knee are in one straight line.

Your left knee is absolutely straight. Both your heels are aligned too. Your pelvis and your right knee are also in one straight line, almost parallel to the floor. Breathe softly, inhale and exhale, as you stay in this position. With inhale, lift both your hands up halfway out, palms facing the floor. Your triceps and forearms and fist all are strong, with great command. Both your arms are in one straight line.

Look forwards to your right leg. Breathe normally and hold here for a few counts. Pressure on your upper legs, the pelvis is natural here. Keep your back spine as erect as possible. Change the side. Repeat the same posture on the left side.

4. Salabhasana variation / Locust Pose Variation

Locust Pose / Salabhasana (How To, Benefits, Partnering, & Variations)

Lie down on your stomach. Extend your arms out forwards. Breathe here for a few counts. With a deeper inhale, lift your arms and your upper body altogether, as much as you can. Make a conscious effort here to stay in this position for a few counts, try to hold your breath too. Come back down with exhale. Repeat this two more times.

5. Ashwasanchalanasna / Equestrian Pose

Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian Pose): Meaning, Steps, Benefits, &  Precautions - Fitsri

From the Downward Facing Dog position, inhale and bring your left leg in between your hands. Exhale, Go back. Then inhale and bring your right leg in between your hands. Again, exhale and go back to Downward Facing Dog. Do this for as many counts as you can – a minimum of three counts on each side. Go slow, as it is a dynamic move. You will feel stretch on your legs and your back spine and shoulders will also feel the stretch.

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