Covid positive? No worry Treatment is Here.

Corona is a potent respiratory depressing virus that manifests primarily as an infection of upper as well as lower respiratory tract infection. It belongs to a category of SARS Virus with mRNA as genetic material. Viruses have the ability to change or alter the genetic material themselves by a process known as mutation.

Till today, the virus has undergone triple mutation and that is the reason the treatment is becoming a challenge. Patients of corona show symptoms of cold, cough, fever, body ache, and headache. The symptoms may vary from mild to severe depending upon the condition as well as the immunity status of the individual. Treatment is broadly divided into preventive measures and drug therapy.

Preventive Measures

1) Rest

If you start feeling the symptoms of covid, then you should isolate yourself and take bed rest for at least 7-14days. It will help to accelerate recovery

2) Fluid Intake

Start drinking plenty of fluids and always try keep your body hydrated.

3) Keep yourself Monitoring

Always keep measuring the vitals of your body. If any type of fluctuation is evident then contact your doctor immediately. Don’t visit the doctor without permission.

4) Ask your Doctor for OTC Medicine

Over-the-counter medicine can also be preferred over visiting the hospital. If you still feel sick, inform all your family members about your symptoms and isolate yourself.

  • Don’t share your personal items like towel, dress etc. with anyone
  • Always wear a facemask while interacting with anyone.
  • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance with everyone you interact with.
  • Always change the mask if contaminated. Before disposing always disinfect the mask with Sodium hypochlorite solution.
  • Always wash your hands and face after visit to anywhere. Avoid touching your hands to face .
  • Use of hand sanitizer is mandatory.

Medical Treatment

The Diagnosis of corona can be confirmed by –

  • Measuring the levels of oxygen saturation
  • Clinical examination of lungs
  • X-ray chest


  • Antiviral Drugs
  • Remdesivir is the only FDA approved antiviral medication used in the treatment of Covid 19.
  • It is also used in treating other immuno-suppressive diseases like AIDS
  • Clinical trials are also undertaken for identifying the role of other drugs like TOCILIZAB
  • Dexamethasone a potent steroid has also shown some relevant results in serious patients.

Here are some Sites of govt. Of India for Clinical trials related Information.

  • centerwatch

Common Prescription for all Covid Suspected and Cases

  • Home Isolation
  • Admission to hospital
  • Tab. Secof DSR
  • Tab. Fabiflu 800mg
  • Tab. Doxy 100 mg
  • Tab. Ivid 12 mg
  • Tab. Lanol ER
  • Tab. Cedizine
  • Tab. Ecosprin 75mg
  • Tab. Allegra D
  • Syr. Grilinctus BM
  • Tab. Limcee

Note- Dosage and Duration will be decided by the respective medical professional according to the age and systemic status of the patient

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