Bicycle Crunch: 6 Mistakes to avoid while performing!

The bicycle crunch is an effective ab exercise, which helps your core get stronger and in shape. The exercise can be performed by both beginners and pros.

How To Do Bicycle Crunches For Great Abs-Sculpting Benefits

It has been a year since the coronavirus pandemic hit us, we all were forced to work out from home because all the gyms and fitness centers were shut due to the lockdown. Now, working out from home is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Many are trained and some are not. One of the most performed exercises by people is the bicycle crunch, which is an effective ab exercise, reaching not only the usual abs but also the deep abs and the obliques. This helps if you want to work your core. It is also easy because it does not require any equipment and it can be performed by beginners and pros. 

In order to perform the exercise effectively here are some tips on not making certain mistakes while get the maximum result. 

Bicycle Crunch: 6 Mistakes

1: Avoid straining you neck

When you start performing the exercise, do not go for huge sets. Start with small numbers and start with ease. The first step to doing this without hurting yourself is, avoid straining your neck. If your neck hurts during the exercise then you are doing it wrong. Putting the effort on your neck gets your abs to work less and leads to ineffective results.

2: Avoid contracting chest

While performing the exercise do not contract your chest. It will only end curving your spine and will absolutely do nothing to the core. It will also limit your range of motion and reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.

3: Try to put pressure on your heels 

While some do lying down bicycle crunches, many do standing ones too. Now when doing a standing bicycle crunch, try to put pressure on your entire feet or heel instead of putting it on your toes. Putting pressure on your toes does not do much to your abs and will only cause ineffectiveness and leave you disappointed without even knowing what you did was wrong. 

4: Take it slow

The most important rule of this exercise is to not rush. You cannot rush and reduce the time of the exercise. It will disturb your form, reduce the time of your body being under pressure and ultimately result to nothing. 

5: Avoid arching your back

Your core gets super worked during this exercise and one of the things you have to take care of is your lower back. Make sure that while exercising you do not arch your lower back, it will cause pain in your hips and back. Try not to lift it above the ground. Try to have the least hip movement. 

6: Do not hold your breath

And last but the most important rule of not this but any exercise is, not holding your breath. Holding your breath while performing any exercise will reduce oxygen flow which will result in cramps and pain. Let oxygen flow through your body and let it be at ease. 

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