5 Effective Homecare for Diabetes Patient

5 Effective Homecare for Diabetes Patient

With the increase in sedentary lifestyle, There is a Tremendous increase in the occurrence of Systemic Diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, and a continued never-ending list. The Major cause being a Stressful Daily Routine with a lot of Mental Pressure.

What Is Diabetes??

5 Effective Homecare for Diabetes Patient

It is a Tremendous Increase In the blood glucose level, which may be due to multifactorial causes like insufficient Insulin Production, Ineffective Insulin Production, Excess blood sugar, and so on.

Homecare Of Diabetic Patient

As soon a patient is diagnosed with Diabetes, he ultimately becomes more prone to many other forms of Diseases and Infections. There are many opportunistic infections that become predominant In a Diabetic Exposed patient. One should always inform the physician or surgeon about the Diabetic history as there are many steps in surgery, which they need to modify in a Diabetic Patient. Homecare is also important along with Pharmacological Therapy and can act as an adjunct to it. Following are some commonly employed methods for Diabetes management of a patient.

1.Diet Alterations

5 Effective Homecare for Diabetes Patient

One should always take a Balanced Diet i.e a diet containing all the components in specific proportions like carbohydrates, fats, sugar, vitamins, etc. Carbohydrates are a principal source of sugar. So intake of carbohydrates should be limited. Professional Diet Counselling should be Advised. Diet with high caloric value should be limited/restricted.

2.Regular Exercise

5 Effective Homecare for Diabetes Patient

A physical Excursion is always a good option for Hypertensive and Diabetic Patients. You should spare at least 60 min. Of the day to get sweaty. Increased exercise will help your blood sugar to low down. It is not always mandatory to go to the gym and do it professionally, bicycle riding, walking, and playing any outdoor game is also sufficient. During physical activity, the body’s muscles utilize the glucose(sugar)in our body, thus lessening the blood glucose level.

3.Regular Consult to Physician

5 Effective Homecare for Diabetes Patient

You should always set a specific time period for regular/periodic visits to the physician. Regular monitoring will help to protect you from Acute/Emergency attacks. Always keep track of your Blood pressure. Regular Medicines should be taken as prescribed by the physician. Some commonly prescribed medications are Metformin, Rosiglinide, Nateglinide, Glimepiride, etc.

4.Stress Free Life

5 Effective Homecare for Diabetes Patient

Stress is a potent factor in the precipitation of most systemic diseases. Living a stress-free life will definitely improve the quality and quantity of life. Proper Break should be taken from the daily routine work.

5. Quit Harmful Habits

5 Effective Homecare for Diabetes Patient

To overcome the stress and anxiety, many people get tied to a group of hazardous habits, which in turn concentrates the other systemic diseases. It Includes smoking, Alcohol, and drugs. All of the above-mentioned habits directly or indirectly affects the overall health and may worsen any disease present. So, it is better to leave the Habit, than to leave the world.

Note-Chances of Mucormycosis also increases in a diabetic patient.

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