Make Simple OREO Cake using 3 Indigents Only!

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Do you like to eat cake, but you don’t know how to make a cake. Don’t worry I will tell you the simple recipe for making the tasty 2 layer cake. For making this you don’t need an oven, flour or egg, you can make this cake by only using ingredient which is available at your home.

Make Simple OREO Cake using 3 Indigents Only!

So, let’s see the recipe.


  1.  Oreo biscuits 2 large packet
  2.  Baking powder 1 and ½ teaspoon
  3.  Milk 200-230 ml
  4.  Chocolate(optional)
  5.  Powder sugar (optional)


STEP 1: Remove the cream from the biscuits.

Make Simple OREO Cake using 3 Indigents Only!

First remove all the cream from the biscuits in to another bowl. You have to separate the cream and biscuits.

STEP 2: Crush the biscuits, add milk and baking powder.

Make Simple OREO Cake using 3 Indigents Only!

In the second step you have to crush the biscuits into a fine powder with the help of a mixer grinder then add milk and adjust the quantity of milk in a way that it is of pouring consistency(add sugar if you want to). Add the 1 and ½ tbs baking powder into the batter

STEP 3: Bake the cake on gas about 8-10 min.

Make Simple OREO Cake using 3 Indigents Only!

Take a pan, apply oil on the pan with the help of a brush and place the parchment paper, then pour the half mixture on it, close the lid and bake it for 8-10 min on medium to low heat. You can check it with the help of a knife inserted into the middle of the cake, if this comes out clean then your cake is perfectly baked. Gradually you can increase the baking time until the cake bakes perfectly. Repeat the same process for the remaining half batter, and then let it cool completely.

STEP 4: Apply the Oreo cream in between.

Make Simple OREO Cake using 3 Indigents Only!

Take the Oreo cream add 2 tbsp melted chocolate (optional).mix it well until it became creamy. Then take the 1st base of Oreo cake and pour the cream on the top of this, then put the 2nd layer on this and on the top of 2nd layer you can pour some melted chocolate if you want and garnish it with some chocolate sprinkles and chopped nuts if you want. And here your 2 layer Oreo chocolate cake is ready, now you can enjoy it.


  • For a perfect Oreo cake don’t fine crush the cookies.
  • Make sure that you can bake your cake perfectly.
  • If you don’t have parchment paper then you can use the media/flour (apply the layer of media/flour after applying oil this will work great too).
  • After making Oreo cake you can freeze (don’t deep-freeze) it for some time so that your cream and chocolate will set).

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