Rick and Morty Teaser Just Debuted Online, 2021!

Whether you wanted a live-action Rick and Mortor not, you got it over the weekend. A 14-second clip posted to Twitter saw the iconic Adult Swim animated series take a step into the real world, and it was a fitting first foray. In a nod to the show’s iconic roots, Back to the Future actor Christopher Lloyd took on the role of the enigmatic and unpredictable Rick Sanchez.

Rick and Morty Teaser

Fans will recognize that it originally began as a crude parody of Back to the Future, with the character of Rick loosely based on Llyod’s Doc. Creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon crafted the characters as part of a short film festival submission which ultimately birthed the cult classic series. When it came time to drop a live-action rendition of Rick and Morty, Lloyd was the obvious choice.

In the clip, you see Rick and Morty jump out of the portal, right into the live-action dimension, with Lloyd as a spot-on Rick with Knives Out‘s Jaeden Martell playing Morty. In a further nod to the sci-fi flicks of old, Lloyd then repeats Han Solo’s iconic line from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, saying “Morty, we’re home,” interrupted by the classic Rick Sanchez burp and followed by a fitting ‘Aw jeez’ from his awkward grandson.

2 rick and morty live action

While not a lot is really known about the teaser or why it was created, eagle-eyed fans spotted a few notable clues. The clip was posted on Twitter with the code “C-132,” which is the name of Rick and Morty’s “original” universe, prompting many to suggest this could be a hint of things to come. That being said, Rick and Morty have always dabbled in different mediums, fro. pixel-art to stop motion and anime, so this could just be another foray into the unknown.

What is exciting is confirmation of a long-held suspicion. Rick and Morty’s fans have long stated that Lloyd would make the perfect live-action Rick and it appears they were right. Lloyd previously told the Phoenix New Times that he’d seen “a few episodes” of Rick and Morty and “think it’s a lot of fun,” before mentioning that he would like to guest star on the show. The live-action Rick and Morty clip comes as the show closes season 5, with the two-part finale due to air on Sunday on Adult Swim.

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