Remember End Credits of ‘Main Hoon Naa”? This Newspaper from SRK Movie is Viral.

Newspaper from SRK Movie is Viral Main Hoon Na’s end credit goes viral “I seriously don’t know why I am typing this because no one is going to be able to read this through the camera but I guess I have no choice,” the dummy newspaper article read.

Newspaper from SRK Movie is Viral:

Remember End Credits of ‘Main Hoon Naa? This Newspaper from SRK Movie is Viral

For desi movie buffs, Hindi films from the late 90s and early 2000s hold a special place in their hearts. Time and again, these films keep everyone talking online — be it in form of memes or some quirky, lesser-known facts.

Now, it’s Shah Rukh Khan’s 2004 hit Main Hoon Na, which has created a buzz across social media platforms.

Remember End Credits of ‘Main Hoon Naa? This Newspaper from SRK Movie is Viral

A small clipping of a newspaper article alongside a picture of former Army officer Raghavan Dutta played by Sunil Shetty has gone viral. Reason? Well, the hilarious content is seen in it, which was supposed to be an article about the death of Shetty’s character, who played the role of the villain in the film.

The end credits of the film have a song called ‘Yeh Fizayein’ in which the entire cast came together to dance. The song was special because the entire cast and crew of the film were thanked for the hard work they did.

Remember End Credits of ‘Main Hoon Naa? This Newspaper from SRK Movie is Viral

Now a newspaper clipping about the song is going viral. Now, here is the interesting part, nobody saw a small section of that article which was really funny. It seems like the person writing the article was not very happy about it. In the middle of the article, he wrote that he does not know why he is typing the whole article because it will not be possible for people to read it through the camera.

He also wrote that he had to type the whole thing because the colors were not matching. Mentioning the names of two of his colleagues he wrote that he wants to hand over this admirable job to his hard-working colleagues Vaibhav Misra and Vikram Gupta.

Main Hoon Na's End Credits Are Making Twitterati Have A Great Laugh And The  Reason Is This Newspaper Clipping (Watch Video)

This was shared by a page named ‘BollyBlindsNGossip’ on Reddit then it was also shared on Twitter by a person named Garvita, which along with the picture she wrote that these is the things she wakes up for/to. This funny observation went viral.

Comments on Twitter said “Epic”, “Awesome” and a number of users commented with laughing emoticons. This detailed observation would have surely made a lot of people’s days. This incident will make this film even more special for the fans.

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