The Batman’s Brutal New Trailer 2021 Has Arrived!

An exhilarating new trailer for Matt Reeves’ The Batman has been unveiled at DC FanDome 2021, giving fans the first real look at Robert Pattinson’s caped crusader in action. Brooding and unrelenting, The Batman is a no-holds-barred bloodbath that takes the iconic superhero back to his noir roots. And fans are loving it.

The Batman New Trailer

The initial reaction to The Batman trailer has been overwhelmingly positive with comic fans quick to praise Pattison’s voice work and physicality, but it is Matt Reeves’ dark and twisted vision that is shining through. The Batman takes off precisely where Christoper Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy left off, bringing Bruce Wayne’s conflicted hunt for revenge into a gritty new world. With all the neo-noir references fans came to love in the original Tim Burton series laid bare, The Batman shows Gotham’s dark hero at his most violent, confirming the bat signal isn’t “just a call… it’s a warning.”

The batman trailer

The two-and-a-half-minute-long trailer also gave fans a first look at key villains like the Riddler and Penguin. The trailer opens with a scene of police arresting a man in a cafe, only to have the milk in his coffee swirl into a question mark, alluding to one of the iconic villains set to make an appearance. That suspicion is confirmed later in the trailer when Pattinson’s can be heard describing the situation in Gotham City: “This is a powder keg. The Riddler’s the match.”

Paul Dano’s creepy interpretation of the enigmatic question-master remains fittingly mysterious, while Colin Farrell is practically unrecognizable as the sewer-dwelling delinquent. The Batman trailer also showcases The Dark Knight’s relationship with Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman.

The batman trailer 2

For fans of Batman, the release of the new trailer only fans the fire. The long-awaited flick is one of the most anticipated films of the decade, fuelled by an all-star cast, thrilling direction, and an unforgettable setting. For Andy Serkis, who plays Bruce Wayne’s ally Alfred Pennyworth, The Batman marks a reunion of sorts. The actor previously worked with Matt Reeves, Dylan Clark, and Dan Lemmon on Reeves’ Planet of the Apes trilogy, however, Serkis believes The Batman may be his best work yet. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Serkis labeled the new film as a ‘masterpiece’.

“Look, I really can’t answer any questions about The Batman, but I’ll tell you that it was fantastic being reunited with Matt Reeves, Dylan Clark, and Dan Lemmon from the Apes films. We had such a great time making it, and when it eventually comes to the screen, Matt Reeves will have made another masterpiece film because he’s so super-invested in it. But yeah, I’ve been forbidden, expressly forbidden, to talk about Alfred.”

The batman trailer 4

Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman is a gritty retelling of the classic DC character that throws a lot of punches. The Batman will hit cinemas on March 3 2022 and will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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