10 Best Netflix Series in Hindi in 2021!

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The most important criteria for a binge-worthy series is that it leaves you restless and yearning for its next season’s best Hindi Netflix series. You see yourself adapting the characteristics of your favorite character from all the binge-watching? We have a perfect new project for you.

A list of all the top Hindi Netflix series that will take you on a rollercoaster ride in various genres.

1. Sarfarosh Saragarhi 1897

21 Sarfarosh Saragarhi 1857 is a period drama Netflix Hindi series starring Mohit Raina, Prakhar Shukla, and Mukul Dev. The story takes you back in time when 21 Sikh soldiers stood against 10,000 enemy tribesmen and fought bravely on behalf of the British Indian Army, symbolizing their loyalty. This Hindi Netflix series will leave you in awe and strike the patriotism in you.

2. Delhi Crime

A heart-wrenching tale about the most painful, horrible, shaking, and disarming rape incidents witnessed in the national capital. This series takes a lot for a person to sit and watch all the things that they see before they have happened and are still happening. It will change the way you see and take things. This chronicle is an honest story that will shake you inside out. It navigates through crime, politics, bureaucrats, and the police’s journey to solve the “Nirbhaya case”. It is one of the best that the Indian web series has to offer.

3. Ghoul

Who doesn’t love a combination of horror, mystery, and thriller? They all blend perfectly in this Indian web series that will keep you constantly on edge. Eager and excited for what they show us next. If thriller is your go-to genre then here is your go-to Hindi Netflix series.

​4. Masaba Masaba 

This is a great series if you are interested in fashion. Masaba Gupta, daughter of Neena Gupta, narrates and shows us her story from childhood to her date achievement. The series seems to be Masaba and Neena ji’s real story. She has shared her life through the series. She has showcased her childhood, designing professional, personal life, relationships, and much more. 

5. Mismatched 

Have you heard of Mostlysane? Yes, I am talking about Prajakta Koli. Mismatched is her acting debut in the industry. We also see Rohit Saraf opposite her in the series. He has been winning a lot of hearts since the movie Ludo. The story of the series is smooth and full of surprises. The characters and actors’ performance is just great. You will also see Ranvijay Singh in the series. Ever since I completed the first season I have been craving for the next. 

6. Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives

This series of Karan Johar is full-on entertainment. If you are bored and have nothing to watch in particular, then this show is perfect. You will see the fabulous lives of the four Bollywood wives who are also friends, Maheep Kapoor, Bhavna Pandey, Neelam, and Seema Khan. There’s a lot of drama, adventure, and show-off in the show. 

7. Sacred Games 

The reason why Netflix has increased the number of subscribers in India is undeniably this series. It is one of the best Netflix series in Hindi. The story revolves around a gang war in Mumbai and a gangster named “Ganesh Gaitonde”. The story is set in two timelines and highlights underlaid issues. The perception of this series is the most exciting part of it.

The reality and the most unexpected scenarios from a never observed frame of reference are not only thrilling but definitely Binge-worthy. WHile the second season wasn’t as well-received, overall the series remains one of the most Indian shows to come out of the Netflix stable.

8. She

‘She’ was one of the most trending Netflix series in Hindi as soon as it was released. This unique story captures the life of a middle-class police officer who has to risk it all for a secret mission with intelligence. This journey of hers portrays the notions and working model of Indian society. The opinions of men in authority, and their true nature. This journey brings her not only her share of respect but the empowerment every woman deserves.

9. Selection Day 

This Hindi web series on Netflix is just simply breathtaking. A story about a father who trains his two songs in the hope for them to join cricket as they grow up. The younger son happens to be much less interested in cricket and more in science. But is that something he could tell his father? No. The young protagonists struggle with their overbearing father, the urge of acceptance they strive from the people in the academy they join. A journey of hard work, struggle, and unfulfilled dreams against the corrupt system. A must-watch!

10. Little Things

The fact that relationships behind cameras are restrictive to script and unrealistic are just notions not followed by this amazing Indian Netflix Original series. The raw, sensitive, emotional, and enriching concept of the show is what makes it so unique. It’s about a couple in a live-in relationship in Mumbai. It’s about normal people and their normal problems. The content is completely honest and that is the most captivating thing about this amazing series.

Its direction is so beautiful that you will find yourself living your life. This series shows us how it’s the little things that are important in life, how we must stay true to ourselves amidst the chaos around us. Full of wit, sarcasm, honesty, and the little things that matter. This show will touch your heart

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