This Badass Mercedes G-Wagen: The 250GD Wolf is Ready to Hunt!

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class started out as a military vehicle, if you can believe it.

1 expedition motor company g wagen wolves

The erstwhile troop carrier has come a long way from those roots, becoming not only a symbol of off-roading prowess but also luxury and comfort. But when you take that vehicle and put it in the hands of Alex Levin, the founder of Expedition Motor Company, and you end up with a true automotive work of art.

Levin started a love affair with the G-Wagen when he visited Europe years ago. Since that fateful trip, he’s been collecting and restoring just one model of the G-Wagen: the 250GD Wolf. Levin focuses primarily of Wolfs made between 1990 and 1993 for pretty obvious reasons.

Mercedes G-Wagen

Expedition motor company g wagen

For starters, this model boasts a Mercedes OM602 2.5-litre, straight five diesel. That’s the same engine that has earned the moniker “the million-mile engine” thanks to its durability and longevity.

The engine in any of the Expedition Motor Company builds is always inspected, refinished, and restored completely, as is the rest of the vehicle, from the front and rear differentials to the suspension, steering, electrical, transmission, and any other part you care to name. Interiors are revisited as well, restoring these automotive marvels to their former glory.

3 expedition motor company g wagen wolves

That’s a lot of work to be done on each vehicle, yet somehow Levin and his team at Expedition are still able to put out around 24 vintage G-Wagens each year.

Of course, you’ll pay for the work that the team does, to the tune of around $100,000 for starters. But for that money, you’ll get about 1,000 man-hours of work for each vehicle they sell. That sounds like a bargain if you break it down to the raw numbers. What’s more, the quality of the work is readily apparent, and for your investment, you’ll get a vehicle that is up to any challenge—off or on the road.

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